Sunday, March 4, 2018

March To Do List Sunday

When I set goals for myself, I have to make sure I'm not idling  by the minutes.  I'm sleep deprived and muscle sore after chaperoning show choir yesterday, but happy I did. It was the last performance for our two prep groups-my good friend and mom of M who stayed with us a couple years ago was the show choir mom for the mixed gender prep, so I got to hang out and help her with the tasks, and see her older daughter, a wonderful senior, and all the kids, work so hard. I think all groups did the best performances of the season, but no placement for our single gender, 3rd for mixed prep, and DD2's finished 4th. The three groups that finished ahead, one who they have competed against before and two from  way out of state, were so good, and no sour grapes from our kids at all, just a lot of hugs and photos between the competing kids and the host school kids. We have a home show choir finale where all three teams do two back to back shows for the public, and one more competition out of state in Missouri, and then the season is a wrap.

Today I am knocking a few maintenance items off the list, sorting cupboards, those pesky plastics are going to be organized. I'm also bagging up items to leave the house for good and hopefully I can swing by the donation center on my way home tomorrow and before DD2's school choir concert. The book and magazine sorting will happen as well, again for donations. DH is paying bills right now as he likes to take care of home business Sunday's after church. DD2 has another study day with friends for a project, and I'll figure something out for supper, maybe just tuna hot dish and vegetables. It's a glamorous life we lead.

I'm happy to trade these humble weekends and humble meals for a few incredible opportunities. I'm already in the trip planning mode-I love trip planning. I may have missed my calling as a travel agent, but then again, I would probably get disappointed that I am doing the planning for someone else all the time if I didn't get to go. I've done a little research on free and low cost opportunities to balance out where I know we will have splurges. So far, the gardens in France are calling to me. Maybe if I make good progress, I can spend more time tonight, but not too late, diving into the planning again tonight. 


  1. Replies
    1. It's my stage of life having a teenager, but then, I've been in this stage of life since 2001!

  2. Trip planning is all part of the travel experience for me we have lots of lovely conversations about where to go and how etc such good fun I love it.

    1. Whoever coined the phrase, "t's the journey and not just the dstiny" or something to that effect had it right. We don't leave for five months, but I'll enjoy every ounce of research and planning, weighing options, and then taking in ideas and suggestiosn form my family and those who have done this trip before.

  3. Busy, busy, busy I so remember those days with kids at home.


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