Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Waking Myself Up-Dose of Reality

I've got 99 issues and this is just one of them. Is that the song? For years I had a modified revolving door of doctor visits for aches and pains, internal issues from being a gal and throat issues. All discreet from each other for the most part. I've also battled having weight on me that is too much for my relatively smallish bone structure to support. With my vitamin D and iron deficiencies, not too mention my low grade rheumatoid arthritis that flares up from time to time, I get much less exercise than I should. Really, if I just read this paragraph, I might think I'm a real mess. Actually though, when each of these things are managed, I'm a pretty healthy person. My recent pesky problem, one I thought I dealt with last year is esophageal dismotility, or throat closing. They think it is caused by a food allergy, but as it happens erratically with no predictive forewarning, last year I had a dilation or widening of my throat, which I thought was the magic cure. For nearly 11 months, it didn't happen at all until a week before Christmas. Unfortunately, I've had several episodes in the last two weeks, Monday nights was a particular painful and gross one. On May 4th, I get to have the treatment again. 

While I have a light anesthesia, I fared really well after the last one, which was done as a two for at the same time as my colonoscopy. I get to have this in a clinic as opposed to the hospital surgery center though so the deductible out of pocket cost won't be nearly as high.  So yucky, but necessary, and will mean I am in right shape for a summer of delicious barbecues, picnics and nights out on the deck. 

Or, should I be preparing for a summer of feasting? As standard in the doctor, they took my weight (grrr, but still lower than last April), pulse, and blood pressure. I have been known to have very low blood pressure, something I would always smile about, as If I was doing anything health wise to keep it at such a healthy level. I was gobsmacked to hear her say 140 over 90! Never have I heard my top number go above 110, and my lower above 70. She even cautioned me to say that the lower number is most troublesome considering my history. Whoa! Now, they said it very well could be just be the stress of being in a clinic, or the fall out from Monday's throat attack, as my daughter now calls them, but still, I was floored. 

I keep saying I want to lose weight for health reasons, not just my own vanity. I say this as I liberally use the salt shaker or don't begrudge myself an additional slice of pizza rather than more salad. Vanity aside, I really mean it this time. I need to lose weight. I need to eat better. I need to cut out the crap. If even a temporary blip, that 140 over 90 was a wake-up call.


  1. O.k. So you didn't ask, but here is what I would do if it were me. I would take it one day at a time. For instance, you may have had a crap eating day yesterday, but that was yesterday. Also, write down absolutely everything you eat, even that one cracker with cheese, or the one chocolate truffle. Keep a notebook on your kitchen counter, and one on you desk at work. Keep it open to the page. The only things you don't have to write down are water, regular coffee, and tea. Craving a soda? Realize you have to write it down, even if it is Diet Coke. You have to write down the wine too. Each item goes on its own line. So, if you had two handfuls of potato chips you would write"handful of potato chips," and then after the second handful write "handful of potato chips" on the line below. At the end of the day, put a star next to the items that you could have done without. It will get to the point that it's not so much writing down what you ate that you don't want to do, but rather, you won't want to read back your poor choices. If you want to incorporate exercise, it also helps to put a line down the middle of the page, and write down deliberate instances of exercise--not just the tooling about the house, but when you set out to go for a 2 mile jog, or 3 mile walk--intentional episodes of exercise.
    That said, make sure you start each day with a clean page. In fact, turn the page before you go to bed the night before. Don't even use the back of the prior page. Start fresh. And, try to focus on each instance of eating of each day. Every instance that you meet your goal is an instance of meeting your goal. Eventually, if you're honest with yourself, your intent will become second nature.
    Other advice: Don't eat on the lam. I know you work, but make sure you take a lunch break, and eat in a civilized manner, even if it's just leftover chicken and an apple you packed. Sit with a napkin on your lap, and enjoy your meal, as free from distractions as possible. And get your family on board. At home, always set the table for dinner, even if you're having grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner at 6:00, and you have to dart out for an obligation at 6:15. Even if nobody joins DH and me, when it comes to dinner, that's when dinner is, that's what dinner is, and that's how dinner is. (Funny, but they always come straggling down the stairs even if they pout that they "don't want to eat/don't like that dish.") Anybody who doesn't want to eat the meals you prepare in line with your new philosophy gets to fend for themselves, complete with clean up.

  2. My husband suffers from that. He has had his esophagus stretched 3 times and is due again. Your health sounds like mine.

  3. From my own experience, this is what I can tell you:
    If you get rid of weight surplus, you get rid of other health issues as well including knee/leg pain and digestion problems if you have any.

    It doesn't have to be a strict diet. On a 1250-max.1300 calories per day you can loose between 2-4 kilos per month and that's quite good. Before entering winter, you have to try and loose some more pounds bearing in mind that in winter we tend to be more hungry and we usually gain weight.

    Based on what your likes and dislikes are, you can build a more or less fixed menu that will not exceed the 1300 calories per day and will alow you to loose 100-150 gram each day. It's essential that you weigh yourself daily or every two days. Even if we go "by the book" there will still be fluctuations, and frustrations. Don't worry!

  4. I'm sorry you've had to go through that procedure, it sounds very unpleasant.
    Meg's advice is absolutely brilliant. You can do it! xxx

  5. oh that is nasty,, but you are a sensible and determined woman, you'll beat this,, I have always had low blood pressure too but just recently I was shocked when it was taken and was 148 over 85,, shocking, but they retook it after a bit and it had come down to normal but not my normal,, I think it might be menopause related,, its amazing how stress can manifest in so many ways!! Take care,, you'll be fine!

  6. I agree with Meg's advice - I would think just the act of writing it down and then thinking "I could have done without that" might have an influence on your behaviour. If you want something a little more sophisticated, I like "myfitnesspal" - it's really good. Of course it doesn't stop me "wasting" calories (sometimes) but at least I am aware of them. And you can also track your exercise too. Good luck - it ain't easy is it! Anna

  7. I have esophageal dismotility, too. The gastro doc suggested an allergist because I have eosinophilic esophagitis, caused by allergies I did not know I have--mainly allergy to all mammal products. My episodes have been so painful and gross, too. When I a choking on rice and it comes out my nose, I am really afraid. I actually thought I was going to choke to death because food was going into my lungs.

    When I went to a cardiologist on Wednesday, my bp was exceptionally high. Then, it went down.

    I need my esophagus stretched now, but I will not be sedated willingly until the doctor does more tests and I wear a monitor.

    I need to lose weight, too. But, that is not going to happen until I get the thyroid working again.


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