Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'm Went There and am Inspired-Bachman's Holiday Ideas

I know! I know! it is only November 8th. Those of us that overbought Halloween Candy and also stayed up too late watching election results are in a state of sugar and sleep deprived fogginess that to think about turning our homes into a holiday festive wonderland is just too darn early. I was there, not thinking Christmas, until 5:59 yesterday when I walked into the MN Blogger Bash event hosted by Bachman's  on Lyndale in Bloomington. In full disclosure, I received an invite, plus one to this event in exchange to share about Bachman's and share a sneak peek of the Holiday Idea House. My older daughter joined me and let me tell you we were both phone camera snapping fiends. For those of you in or near Minneapolis between November 9th and December 16th, and you are looking for a little design inspiration for your home this year, I highly recommend a stop. The store itself will fill you with ideas and offer a wealth of d├ęcor and gifts already put together in a merry way. A self guided tour of the Holiday Idea House is $5.00. I just might have access to a couple passes, so leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at with hash tag #MakeItMerry .

We were directed to the Holiday Idea House by Karen Bachman, a fifth generation family member, and one of three still directly involved in the business. I love that the company is a multigenerational business, with the Bloomington store sitting on the original Bachman farm and homestead. The house  was home to three generations of Bachman's. While a business, it is an incredible gift to the community to turn over a place that obviously was filled with wonderful memories to the public to help them create their own vision for how we would want our home. I in particular am going to figure out how to turn an old hen house into a She Shed, the perfect escape with a cup of tea and a book. I hope you enjoy the pictures we took and feel inspired.

Bachman's does have many locations throughout the Twin Cities area and host special events that will get the whole family in the mood for holiday cheer. There are even monthly indoor farmers markets for those of us in the north that love to shop local, but lose many opportunities due to the cold by  late October. We live on the opposite side of this particular Bachman's but there is one fairly near my work and another near some family members. I didn't do any shopping last night, but my daughter bought a few succulent plants and a cactus, plus a planter dish. She was eager to put her thumb into dirt and by 10:00 had created this lovely succulent bowl. It was a lovely evening, meeting some lovely local bloggers, and some time with my daughter. Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks like a neat place. You are missing the pic of the succulent bowl though :) I walked into Pier 1 on Tuesday (in another town) and they were playing Christmas carols. Way too early for that although I get why they sell their Christmas items early but the music is enough to drive you

    1. Oh gosh! added. They did not have Christmas music on-I don't recall if there was music at all. I agree though-not until American Thanksgiving.

  2. Replies
    1. It was. I don't get invites to these things iften so thought why not? Photos worth the post.


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