Tuesday, March 29, 2016

End of a Season

When you have kids in school and activities, it always feels like seasons are marked differently than traditional calendars. Tonight is the big finale of show choir. Two performances and then the dresses will be packed away, probably forever as each year new costumes are ordered for the new theme. While soccer has started to a certain extent, DD#2 will be full on soccer mode by the end of April. She does have another month of school play practice, and then weekend performances the first week of May. In another three years, I will mark the year as winter, spring, summer, and fall,  For now, it will be cross country, show choir, soccer, and rest! Of course, just like the play, she is always throwing in additional "seasons".  

However, June 13th starts a new  chapter in parenting. She starts Drivers Education.  She was originally signed up for April but the play threw that off, then in six months she can take her test in January on or after her birthday. I may be free from the taxi cab in less than a year. I don't know which part of my brain is dominant-the fearful one of another kid driving, or the happy dance one, ready to have a bit more control of my schedule. As I juggle work and her schedule, this week, happy dance mom is winning.

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