Monday, March 21, 2016

So Much and So Little

This weekend I coordinated the annual Palm Sunday breakfast at church.  I was not on my game leading up to it, but the cavalry was available in the shape of our church chef who took command of the kitchen and I could general the front of the house. Still, with delicious food, kids and parents that put their backs and smiles into the morning, it was not our best event. It is spring break in our community, thus no scheduled Sunday school.  Add the number of families that choose to sleep in or not wrangle restless kids in worship, families on vacation, and snowbirds not yet back becasue Easter is in March this year, and we served at least 80 fewer than we planned for. This is a fundraiser for the kids, so their hourly return will be pretty minimal, even with the bulk of the food donated. It is nearly the same amount of work serving 100 as it is 200, and we were later wrapping up leftover pancakes and French toast for people to take home. Uncooked food that can be used for the Wednesday suppers was put away. A quick debrief after and we decided we will need to move Palm Sunday, the breakfast, not the day, the next time it falls on spring break. 

Still, despite the low turnout, it was a good morning of fellowship, community building, and service. It was odd though working with other families and kids and none of mine there. DH poked his head in the kitchen once to see if there was enough help, ate breakfast, and went to church and then home to read the Sunday paper, take pup for a walk, and watch some college basketball. 

Once we returned the kitchen and hall to its rightful beginnings, it was time to head home. My knees ached. My back was sore, and my mind was spent as I always have nervous anxiety leading up to the day. The rest of the day was pretty much me slumped on my bed with ibuprofen. I got a little bit of fresh air and sun, but it was a deceiving sun. If you stepped out of a windbreak or into a shaded area, the warmth was gone and a biting March cold took its place. Neither of us felt like making anything for dinner-I had seen mountains of French toast and pancakes for hours, so I didn't want to see my stove. I would have been happy popping a batch of popcorn and calling it dinner. DH wanted real food so ran to Papa Murphy's, with a coupon for $3.00 off and bought a pizza to through in the oven, quite lazy of us both, but there's leftovers for lunch today. To sum up, my Sunday was spent doing so much, and doing so little. 

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