Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Down But Not Out

I have been AWOL for a few days. My Sunday post, was written and scheduled ahead of time. I have been down for the count since Saturday night. The cold I picked up from DD2, morphed into flu, then morphed into bronchial pneumonia. I'm on the third day of steroids and antibiotics, plus codeine based cough suppressants to try and be human again. The house is in absolute chaos, but each of us are doing a little to try and stay afloat. DD2 went back to school yesterday, swamped with homework and now play practice has begun, so she will need to prioritize. DH took yesterday off work so he could get me to the doctor, DD2 to all her various appointments and school, and oh yes, to try and rest himself.  Fortunately I was feeling coherent enough for a few hours this morning to dive into about three dozen e-mails. I'll not be returning any phone calls as my voice is rough and shaky. Folks will just have to deal with less than timely responses.

When I was silly enough to think I just had the beginnings of a cold, DD2 and I did get out to enjoy the unseasonably warm February Saturday.  We took a drive downtown, parked, and had a nice walk along the river. We did some window viewing and popped into the newest visual art center, which also has a quaint coffee shop. I drank water, trying to stay hydrated, but DD2, finally craving something, had a iced latte.  We shared a gigantic oatmeal and craisin cookie and played a quick game of mancala. The fresh air felt good, but not good enough to keep me healthy. I hope you are all avoiding the crud in your homes.

DD2 captured this lovely photo of the bridge. Most of the snow is gone. Well, at least until Friday when we are expected to receive 24 inches or more. That's Minnesota for you.

 Many of the downtown shops have pets that roam their floors. This sweet little guy was doing some people watching from his sunny window spot.

I like a coffee shop that encourages interaction and not just sterile WIFI hot spots. This new one hits the mark with comfy sofas and chairs, and games to use. 

It was a very full house, with just a few tables empty, and more foot traffic with people picking up a beverage to continue on for a walk.

Being part of an art studio, art was on display and for sale throughout the coffee shop. Besides paintings, there is a shop below with handmade jewelry, glassware, plus studios for classes, and rental for artists.


  1. Holy Cow! You guys picked up an especially terrible form of bug! I hope you feel better soon, keep saying it and one day it will happen :)

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

  3. Hope you're back on your feet very soon. I feel very fortunate not to have caught anything this winter as we haven't had our usual virus-killing weather. Take it easy!

  4. Oh that looks like a great place!!! I'm sorry you guys have been ill. Get rid of the crud soon.

  5. Glad to hear you are on the mend,it sounds a particularly nasty bug! 24 inches of snow, wow, I think the last time we had that amount of snow round here was before I was born!

    1. Weather report was grossly exaggerated. We got maybe two inches as it swung farther south, but just 15 miles away they were left with 15 inches, and another 12 inches 15 miles south of them. It was a strange line of weather.

  6. Sending healthy thoughts your way! It sounds like you guys have really been hit hard. :-(

  7. Oh dear, you have been through it, haven't you? Hope you're all 100% better soon. xx

  8. Thank you all for the well wishes. I am beginning to doubt any of us will be 100% ever again. the chest stuff just lingers, and my wheazing is still keeping me from getting much rest.


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