Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Snacking Savings

We were gone all day yesterday for Show choir, a pricey day, though budgeted for as part of the overall activity cost, but well worth being able to spend a whole rare Saturday with DH, watching our daughter and friends perform in hers and the other two choirs, plus really fun performances by other schools. If you want to get a bright glimpse into the future of America, attend a show choir event. Today, we are staying home and not attending any Super Bowl football gatherings. I don't think anyone is stopping by, but I am ready with food if they do.We finally went grocery shopping, and I'm building a menu for tonight game watching that is frugal, and adaptable to add more if needed.

I am just fine with buying frozen pizza to have on hand when those nights really are stressful. Better, when there are deals that help me have reserves at near make it at home price,  still beating take out price. Tombstone had a buy two get two, so I did, taking home four large supreme for $11.98. I'll also make some flat bread and top with just a little white sauce, mozzarella, and onions. Both of these will be sliced small, and portable to eat as finger foods. I've loads of chicken to make boneless buffalo chunks, with ranch dressing for dipping. I'll also slice up  carrots and celery for the sides. Avocado's were on sale, so I'll mix three with a can of  dice tomatoes with peppers, salt and lime, for an easy guacamole, with bargain chips. We have tortillas for  Grilled quesadillas, and meatballs and barbecue sauce. DH will not go hungry, and I can stretch and add more should he get a last minute guest or two. This will be supper so, to boost the five a day, I've pushed fruit for breakfast and nibbling. For my estimates, I started with the known price of the main ingredient,  then estimated the other ingredients, bought in bulkier sizes. *Denotes a recipe of sorts is below.

$  .35          Buttered Popcorn
$ 3.00          Tombstone Pizza
$ 1.50          Onion Flat bread*
$ 3.00          Buffalo Chicken chunks*
Homemade guacamole.
$   .80          Carrots, celery, and ranch dressing
$ 1.48          Chips and guac (per each avocado, serving three people nibbling)
$ 3.00           Meatballs in BBQ
$   .45           Seasoned oven French Fries
$ 1.52          Cheese and onion quesadilla with corn salsa (making one large)
$15.35         Super Bowl Treats for three

Happy hour at our favorite place, similar items
$ Free         Popcorn

$ 8.00          9 inch Pizza
$ 6.00          Flat bread
$ 6.00          Buffalo Chicken chunks
$   .00          Celery, and ranch dressing (with chicken)
$ 4.00          Small Chips and guac
$ 5.00           Hamburger slider-three
$ 3.00           Small order of Fries
$ 4.00          Cheese quesadilla with  salsa
$36.00         Super Bowl Treats for three

We don't eat like this often, but for these fun occasions, snacks are part of the culture. I might just get a left over two from the snacks for lunch tomorrow.

Onion flat bread: My no yeast pizza crust, 1 1/4 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp Italian seasoning,  1 tablespoon oil, enough water to bind crust, let set for  while before rolling out. Dimple the crust with end of a spoon and lightly brush with olive oil.  Pre-bake crust 10 minutes at 400 degree oven. Top with white sauce (mine will be a simple white sauce using butter,m flour, and milk, heavily doused with garlic), 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese, 1 caramelized onion. If I had olives, I would have put them on as well. Bake another 10-15 minutes, watching for light browning.

Buffalo Chicken chunks: Cut Two boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces into roughly one inch chunks. Mix in a bowl 1 Tbls oil (I used olive, 1 tablespoon hot sauce, 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp pepper* , and toss chunks in the sauce to coat. Next toss the chunks in a bread crumb mixture of 1/4 cup bread crumbs, tsps chili powder, and 1 tsp black pepper. Bake about 15 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Seperate chunks then toss chunks again in 1/4 cup hot sauce, and bake another 2-5 minutes to set the sauce.  Any variation of sauce works well this way.  
Homemade buffalo chicken before last coating.


  1. Thanks for adding those recipes! Both sound delicious! And, that's a LOT of food for a little bit of money! Great thinking! =)

    1. I'm going all out as DHlikes the game and the event of it, but all can be made in small portions and keep as leftovers if I went over board with the exception of guacamole.

  2. Your menu looks delish! And, the restaurant version here would cost at least double. Well done! I feel terrible (flu/cold), so I'm not sure that I'll eat anything, but for those who are interested, I have: goat cheese crostini, homemade hummus & veggies, fresh dinner rolls to spread artichoke dip on, and/or homemade pizza & calzones. I don't even think I can have wine or beer tonight. Because, even though I'm a giant micro brew fan, I would have bought Budweiser to celebrate their fab ad honoring their history.

    Enjoy the game!

    1. I used happy hour prices because we would never order that many snacks at full menu price to get an accurate comparisons. In the end though, both my eyes were bigger than our appetites and energy on paper bigger than in real life, so skipped making the flat bread, fries, and quesadilla, but there was still more than enough, so leftovers unless DH keeps nibbling. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and SBS nibbles! It all sounds fabulous!

    1. A nice later afternoon and evening-morning and early afternoon a post of their own!

  4. The choir competition sounds really fun. I'm glad you've had a great weekend with the family. Jx


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