Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Affirmative Tuesday

The world keeps spinning around; life just moves with a blink. I'm saddened to share my friends brain tumor was malignant, and very aggressive. It was determined that it was one of the most aggressive forms, having developed probably just in the last three months. While surgery got 98%, the remaining 2% will be treated with rounds of chemo and radiation. Thirty days ago she and her daughter were on a cross country trip looking at colleges on both sides and in between the US. Again, I really appreciated all the kind words, and we continue to hope for the best. I'm glad I'm spending at least one day a week reflecting and posting publicly how lucky I am. I shouldn't need reminders, but yet I do. Here goes my five for the week.

  • I had a job interview last Friday for the other position I had mentioned came up about the time I was contacted by the recruiter. I may know as early as next week if I am offered the job. I'm not 100% sure I even want this particular job, but I'm pretty confident I could do it well, and had a strong sense those interviewing felt the same since all four know me already. If I do not receive an offer, I won't feel bad though as this is definitely a hire that will be based on their office dynamics, leveraging where they have gaps. Still, it is good to have affirmation that my reputation, when I know they have strong internal and probably external candidates, is held in good regard. 

  • I helped throw a nice shower for my niece, and even managed to stay stress free. This is a big accomplishment for m as I went past my typical comfort zone being in an enclosed space with DH's family. Perhaps because I was doing this event for my niece, who was  full of gratitude, my anxiety stayed at bay. My lovely daughters helped serve beverages and with little tasks we needed, one of which was keeping their 6 year old cousin and grandma who came an hour early, occupied. 

  • This is my DD1's affirmation, but I'll take a hint of it as the mother who raised her. She was the epitome of grace, maturity, and kindness, despite her bachelorette party thrown for her friend taking some negative tones. She was a caretaker for all the girls, making sure all were safe despite their own disregard for their own health.
  •  I went to bed early last week at least twice. I made it a third time last night, crawling in bed before 9:30. I know I need more and better sleep than I've been getting so unplugging and just getting to bed was important.  
  • We had really terrific weather the past weekend. While the rest of this week is supposed to be cold and wet, I truly appreciate the days that are warm and full of sun. 

Your turn. What stands out for you in your last week that affirms your positive sense of well being?


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis, pray for the best.
    Glad the shower went well. Your daughter sounds like a very mature young woman, you and her are to be commended.

    1. She's storing all the prayers and well wishes-thank you. She is a terrific woman, and makes me proud to be her mom.

  2. I had both good and unpleasant things last week, but good far outweighs the bad. Sometimes I have to agree with one of my cousins. When you ask him how things are going he always answers the same "Great! I woke up on this side of the dirt again today!"
    In short, I am breathing and kicking and am able to have good and bad things happen so it is all great!

    1. Your cousin sure is right, though I'm on a needed break form trying to find an answer to a tricky problem. It is not making me happy on this Tuesday.

  3. You're doing great. I had a fabulous weekend with my sister & best friend, and we always take that time to (in addition to shopping, wine drinking & playing games) to talk more deeply about our lives, and also to set goals for things like our health & fitness. I find it to be a very positive & motivating time that we take out each spring.


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