Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Movie Reviews: Good, Bad, and Truly Weird

I might binge watch a  television series on Netflix or Amazon once the cold and dark of winter sets in, but summer is more a movie thing. We've both gone to the movies a couple times and picked a few on Netflix, both random and intentional. As the movies in the theaters will soon be on Red Box or streaming services, I thought I'd include them as well. 

Spiderman: Homecoming: DD2 and I took advantage of a rainy Tuesday night when DH was working late and saw this flick for $5.00 a ticket, plus free popcorn. Peter Parker is a high school freshman in this version, having had a short part in the last Avengers-Civil War movie, fighting on the side of Iron Man, not Captain America. If you want a lighthearted movie with lots of action, it will be  your thing.Spidey is a likeable kid, with likeable friends, who of course, runs off course with his powers, and needs to be brought back to earth to truly embrace his super hero role. 

Dunkirk: We saw a matinee version of this, also just $5.00 a ticket, for DH's birthday. Filmed differently, as if the viewer might be experiencing what was happening to the soldiers left stranded on the Dunkirk beach surrounded by German forces, in a no win, no escape situation. As the history of Dunkirk and the valiant effort of civilians to evacuate the troops is known, it was a fascinating way to retell a historic moment. Both DH and DD2 appreciated the movie for what it was, but I know DD2 wished she could have convinced us to see Superman a second time. 

As for Netflix, I streamed three movies this month. One was really good, one really bad, and one extremely bizarre.  

Lion: I loved this movie so much. I can't say it is a feel good story, other than there is some sort of positive resolution for a five year old child lost from his mother, twenty-five years later. The fact that it is based on real events, real people lives, makes it even more of stunning and powerful film. Every part of the film, from the acting, the film angles, the music, was executed so well that I felt like I was not just observing, but knowing the experiences of  the young child and later young man, Saroo. The cinematographer captured both the abject poverty of rural and big city India, but also the warmth of the people, the love and pain of a mother for her children-both mothers. Do not hesitate to select this movie, but make sure you have tissues. 

LOLO: I love French movies, particularly French comedies. They are silly, usually over the top, but with a charm that uses the French city, countryside, or sea shore as an actual character. I like Julie Delpy and Dany Boone, so thought a comedy, set bot in a resort town, then Paris, starring the two would be a nice Sunday night watch before the work week. I can get in the spirit of far fetched, but I don't like stupid. LoLo, the nickname for Violette's 20 year old son, is a swarmy character that hates all his mother's boyfriends, and sets out to sabotage the relationship in a variety of ways. If they would have stuck to this premise, but then instead of making Jean such a dupe, give him opportunity to turn the tide, the movie might have been able to be salvaged into a fun  tour de farce. Instead they made the son  a sociopath, but brilliant artist, capable of duping  an IT engineer, the best in his profession,and turning him into a helpless simpleton. Violette is self absorbed and clueless, but not in any sort of endearing way-just annoying. Pass, pass, pass on this and keep looking for other options. 

Doctor Strange: I don't know what to say about this Marvel superhero movie. Perhaps I was really just tired Friday night and dosed and missed somethings, but I was utterly confused the entire time. After a horrific, self caused car accident, the brilliant neurosurgeon Dr Strange, goes on a quest tot he east, Katmandu specifically, to heal his broken hands. He ends up becoming a  sorcerer, battling villains able to travel between different times and dimensions. An incredible cast with Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelson, and Chiwotel Elijifor, couldn't make this movie less bizarre. I can't say I disliked it, but I am gad I didn't spend the time or money to see on the big screen because my confusion would have been amplified.


  1. Loved Lion and Dr Strange but for very different reasons not seen any of your other choices lol

  2. I think I was very tired watching Doctor Strange, so it was not an objective review. Lion, I just think about that child over and over again.

  3. I loved Lion and managed all the way through until the end until I cried. Dev Patel is such a brilliant actor. xxx

    1. He is brilliant. I remember him as a young teen from Skins.I'm sure with your travels you understood the back story better than many,


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