Friday, February 8, 2019

Sort of Back to Work and What I'm Appreciating

That crud was a doozy and I sure hope I carried it for my whole family. DH has been a trooper-picking up a lot of slack and helping me get through the worst. He even purchased supplies for his teenager at the store. He was clueless, but called home to describe the options on the shelf. He ended up buying two different kinds-one correct and one not, so all in all, a dad success. The wrong one is fine-just not what she uses so can be donated to the food shelf, always a need. This was on my list Monday and I completely forgot when I stopped in my congested haze and there was a small supply. I normally buy in large stock-up quantities, but were at the end. 

I'm still not back in the office today-just too much coughing, nose blowing and general malaise that the long rive plus putting others in the line of fire is just not good. The snow finally stopped and the roads seem to be plowed but DH said they are really icy. School was cancelled again! I I managed to stay fairly on top of work-no crisis, no emergencies, so I have o guilt, which I am prone to having when I take sick days. One of my team members, well, all three of them really, stepped up and took on more than they should have needed to. We are done a person as our 5th was given a project lead, temporary for now promotion, to manage a major one year grant. HR finally posted for her replacement, though since hers is temporary, we had to list this as temporary, though there is a high probability it will be continued as we can apply for ongoing funding for another three years. I'm hoping someone is looking for an opportunity for a "foot in the door" with our organization and is willing to take a chance on a good paying, great benefit job, with the chance it could become permanent.

As for my post title, this week has made me think about what I appreciate and should appreciate more. 

  • DH, who is man enough to not be embarrassed to buy stuff his girls need.
  • A trusting and supportive boss, who insisted I take the time out of the office, with sincerity for my personal welfare.
  • A strong team of colleagues, both on my immediate team, our division, and our partner agencies who kept the work flowing and aren't leaving me with problems and issues. This was not the case in my last job. 
  • DH's job being less than five minute home, meant he could drive DD2 to school yesterday when the snow on Tuesday night hid glaring ice. He later picked her up and brought her home so she could have a couple hour break before going back to school, after the sand trucks were out, for her two choir practice's. 
  • Friendly neighbors, who came out to help get DD2's car pushed into the driveway and out of harms way should the plow come through. Her little Sonic was no match on Tuesday night for the 8 inches of snow. 
  • Cell phones, so I have peace of mind when DD1 drives to work, that she will be able to call for help if she gets stuck. She only works 10 miles away, but the way the weather has been, it's 10 miles too far for me not to be nervous for her. 
  • Working heat, working stove and oven, and provisions in the house that even if hodgepodge, no one had to leave the house yesterday.
  • Good books on our shelves, Netflix, and YouTube helped me pass some of the time when I just needed to not think work, but had been sleeping or was trying to fall asleep. We are blessed with so many free or low cost things for entertainment. 

Now we have a weekend upon us already, and I return to work with a four day work week (though I expect to put in some remote hours next Friday) followed by having the next Monday off. Not too bad a life despite the snow, ice, and cold and flu season. I am sick of winter, but thinking through the things that are easing the challenges hopefully will keep me positive or at least less cranky. I hope you are staying safe and warm wherever your days take you. 


  1. Glad you are feeling better. It always seems to take twice as long to "recover" as to being sick in the first place!

    1. I am on stronger meds now, so fingers crossed.

  2. You have found some wonderful positives for reflection. I think we all need to list (at least mentally) all the good things in our lives that we should be thankful for instead of dwelling on the not so pleasant things (guilty here!)

    1. I can be woefully negative, but it gets me no where. Lets see if positivity breeds more positivity.

  3. So nice to see a grateful list as you could really be a an old bear with the cold and the crud. It will be spring soon and we will all forget this, kinda like labor pains..... well not really.:)

    1. I am seeing no signs of spring other than more minutes of daylight. That's something though. The snow is pretty.


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