Thursday, October 10, 2019

Running List for Thrifty Thursday

My memory is getting poor, making my Thrifty Thursday posts harder to think up. I've actually been chipping away at this post all week, adding to my list as I think of new ways I have either saved, earned, or stopped a spending leak.

  • Though DH rogue shopped and I was annoyed, he did buy some nice Chunky soups at  bargain leader prices, which made for a very satisfying Friday lunch. 
  • We ended up eating the roast, carrots, and potato's on Sunday. I thought I'd get a stew out of leftovers, but DH had been picking at the roast for several days. There were some potatoes and carrots and I used them for lunch. 
  • Friends brought an apple and caramel dip tray to trivia last Wednesday, but no one broke into the caramel and they didn't want it in their house. (I get it!). I was the lucky recipient and used along with apples I already had as my take along to Twins watching get together at my sisters.(And this is all we shall speak about the Twins post season) 
  • While I really wanted to drive to campus, four hours each way, to see DD2's first concert, I took advantage of the live streaming  and watched it from here. We'll be going to her Christmas concert in December, as well as the one at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, so I'll get opportunities. 
  • I had on my list to buy more containers so I could do some batch cooking, and freeze for lunches. I moved my hand mixer and saw I had a package of four that I hadn't remembered buying tucked on a top shelf. With the reused deli met containers, I have plenty for a while. 
  • DD1 had a very buy week and was leaving on Friday for her cousins' bachelorette weekend right from work. I dropped her off so she wouldn't need to leave her car as she was car pooling with another cousin. As I still have a stash of wine, and never opened a 6 pack of White Claw, I  had her take both along, saving her some time.. She of course wanted to pay me for both, but I asked for her to make me dinner instead. Saving time is a thrifty win for me. 
  • While the pizza crust was rising, DD1 and I run to Walmart. I was looking for a jacket to get me through the fall-winter transition and had seen some a few weeks back. While they were all gone, they had swim wear clearnced between $1 and $3 a piece. I found two tops and bottoms in DD2's sizes, that if nothing else, w ill be good back-ups for the lake. Total price for two complete swimsuits, $9.
  • I still haven't gone real grocery shopping. It' surprising when you just don't feel like leaving the house or making an extra stop how creative you can be with meals. We spent just shy of $10 on milk, bread, and eggs, but also added a package of $1.99 pound brats and a sort of splurge on two bacon wrapped pork fillets, which will be tonight's dinner. Our local Kwik Trip has deals every now and then on items like this. Total groceries for the week-$73 on October 10th, leaving a hefty $227 for the rest of the month. 
Eight thrifty finds for the week. Thanks for the good discussion yesterday in the comments. I do worry about our financial future and worry that I'm looking a bit nutty in savings pennies and dimes. Hopefully I'm finding a decent balance. 


  1. To your question about balance, I find this a similar struggle. I really feel it when I'm making tradeoffs of the time value of money (house cleaning, yard service, etc). For now, we continue to do those things ourselves, as I need the mental motivation instead on travel splurges.

    You had some good frugal wins this week! Also, Whiteclaw is my favorite! I find that it doesn't interfere with my sleep in the way beer, wine or hard alcohol does. I'm guessing because it doesn't contain sugar.

    1. Now I have more time, I should be able to save more as I don't need as many conveniences. I can see for you, hiring off many jobs that take a lot of time is probably a good investment with the number of hours and work travel. I know White Claw is the butt of jokes, but I agree with you.

  2. Nicely done on all of this! Especially on the grocery shopping!

    I don't have many frugal wins this week. It's been an expensive one. I did save $15 (off $39.99) on my mom's birthday present by buying it early (her bday isn't until December) and scheduling it to ship in late November. It's Harry & David pears, the big treat I get her each year as fresh fruit is AMAZING in the cold, bleak Alaskan winter months.

    1. That reminds me-I need to finish the ordering of my daughters gift for the end of October! $15 is a pretty high savings percent of $40-prctically enough for the another gift.

  3. Replies
    1. Please be honest with me if my musings start making me sound like a crazy Scrooge. Money should be a tool to help with the living of life-not life's goal.

  4. You had some excellent savings, even with the rogue shopping. As long as that roast gets eaten things are good. I happened on swimsuits (yep adult ones, not so cute but functional for 5 bucks at Walmart. Since I can still swim here it turned out to be a great deal)
    I tend to look at the glass as half full, but am enough of a realist to know if it is half full it is also half empty. We try and balance our needs with our wants. It is worth it to me to hire someone to do our lawn. TheHub works 11 hours a day most days and goes in the office for a couple of hours every Saturday and Sunday. The last thing I want to do when he is home is for us to have to spend hours in the yard, and it is too big of a job for me to do by myself. I like to tell myself I am just putting money back in the local economy by allowing the yard guy to have the funds to purchase things.

    1. I hear you on the lawn care, though DH generally likes to do this. It's other things I would rather him just not bother with as his time off work is so limited. I have the attitude about the farmers market. I know people save a lot and have delicious fresh produce, but I'm just not a gardener. I'm happy to buy local from the market whenever I can even when the price is higher than grocery stores. I figure I'm getting the one to one experience with the grower themselves.


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