Friday, December 31, 2021

Life Goals for 2022


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     I know, I know. Man makes plans and God laughs. Well, God's been laughing then at me for a lot of years, and yet every year leading up to January 1, I still enter the new year hopeful enough to try again. Shall we take a peek at last year's joke? Hopeful Look Forward-Blogmas Day 30. Admittedly, I was just "too much" in hoping so hard that 2021 would be different than 2020. 

Good Heath and Improved Wellness This category was such a fail. I really need this to be the number one focus in 2022.

Lose enough weight to no longer be in the Overweight BMI category
Gain more strength in my legs and arms, build both muscle and bone density
Resume the sleep clinic effort, be fitted for the mouth guard

Resume regular hiking, play tennis, swim and other activities that I enjoy and have treated as an after thought for the last several years
Use counseling, therapy, or other professional help when needed and not try and manage everything alone
Do a better job assuming positive intent in all areas and with all people first

Financial Stability and Progress on Retirement Goal Despite the economy being in the toilet, we did really well. The over inflated housing market was not good for home buyers though, but perhaps 2022 will work for our daughter. We supported her by looking at a few houses, giving honest feedback, and when it's right she'll know. DS really saved what stimulus he was eligible for, and cut expense when he wasn't able to work, so he didn't need any financial help from us. I put green for our youngest, but she did all the hard work.

Increase our % of cash savings
Max out both Roth and 401K's
Review and update monthly and annual budget, tightening belt where we can and on things that are not necessities or bring us joy

Support DD2 in buying her first house (probably with sweat equity in the right house)
Support DS in getting caught up on the financial set-backs due to Covid economic conditions
Support DD2 in securing a strong internship

Positive Relationships Over summer when things looked better, activities picked up, but with fall, things slowed. We had our first hotel stay, brief but it went ok. We have good relationships with our kids, and avoided a lot of extended family drama. Loved the adopt a park with my family and was fun having my brother here for spring through much of fall.

Do several mini trips, and a longer trip depending on travel/public health conditions
Spend more quality time with MIL, but in small doses so I preserve my own calm
Spend more time with siblings-as we all age, this should not be taken for granted, and includes DH's siblings

Schedule at least one friends activity a month, not counting book club
Schedule at least one couples friend activity a quarter

Support each adult child in their "adulting", but without meddling. Imposition, or taking on additional personal stress (this is private hope that I likely won't elaborate on much in the blog)

Organized Mind and Life Thanks to my daughter, I at least have my office set up. It's not quite what I vision but better than the dining room or end of family room. The rest, utter chaos.

Home projects completed including patio, bathrooms, and office
Start minimalizing home-sell or donate useable items not used, needed, or loved
Negotiate purging of DH's hoarding of paperwork and material from decades ago

Peace and Contentment As I had to carry forward vacation, I obviously left that goal dry. As for my faith, I'm good there, but not feeling close to the physical church. We'll attend sometimes, we make our donation through auto pay, but I feel I can feel as fulfilled with my own reading and pondering.

Figure out where my faith/spirituality is after it has taken a bruising these last four years
Encourage DH to pull the lever and buy a boat (used) that he has wanted to do for over a decade

Schedule vacation days for mental health throughout the months to whittle down some of my accrual and do not check email
Keep social media to healthy and positive interactions; no political discourse. However, a reminder to myself to not let it be just glorified versions of life, but reality, while remembering nothing is as perfect as some social media posts tend to be.
Focus on my job as a means to earn a paycheck, while hours not working is my life

     So many things were outside my control. The building and labor shortage for home projects being a big one. The stupid raging virus still impeding so much of our social world, which then rippled into my work world and vice versa. I need to scale goals way back this year-perhaps 1-2 in each category and not try for a whole life conversion. I'm not putting the bathroom or deck remodel on here. These really end up being more in DH's court as he has both a different knowledge and skill set than I have. I can prod all I want, but he needs to make the commitment. The funds are there for both, plus for new flooring upstairs, and 3-4 semi minimal, but big impact fixes and upgrades. 

Good Heath and Improved Wellness:

  • Lose 10% minimum of my body weight
  • Get the cortisone shots as allowable for my knee

Financial Stability and Progress on Retirement Goals

  • Develop and stick to budget to live off just my salary (long term savings such as college and house projects not included)
  • Thrift and budget challenges that reduce waste, at least one per month

Positive Relationships

  • Get together with friends, either couples or my friends at least one time per month
  • Continue at least monthly group calls with my kids

Organized Mind and Life

  • Continue the  2 for  1 purging challenge, where I get rid of a minimum of 2 things for every one item that comes into the house. 
  • Finish office to my satisfaction

Peace and Contentment

  • Commit to 10-15 minutes of yoga and/or meditation, at least 3 times per week.
  • Read for fun- aim for at least one reading binge a week

     Obviously there are steps and processes for me in each, but by keeping my list streamlined, perhaps I am being more sensible.  The things on here are ones that I just need to make a commitment to doing small and consistent changes to how I currently live. It's building that yoga into my work calendar to take an actual break. It's me reaching out, or responding to others when I have multiple free weekends on the calendar. As you have been for the last seven years, I'll take you with me to give me encouragement, share your successes, and just keep moving forward. May 2022 be the year that I truly brace progress and accept imperfection. 


  1. Happy new Year to you all. I hope 2022 is a good year for you Sam.x

  2. One of the best things I did this year was create more work/life balance. I worked my 8 hours giving 100% and that was it, no overtime. It made such a difference in my daily life.

    Happy New Year to you!!

    1. I'd so like to stop working when my scheduled time is done and take my flex day. Here's to more balance!

  3. It's great that you were able to make financial progress during such a difficult year! For the other goals, I find that so much of it is experimentation, and trial/error, as opposed to "failure". You are working on things, and trying to find options that work with your life. That alone is a huge accomplishment. Being "stuck" & not trying to improve is the real failure.

    Looking forward to following along in 2022!

    1. I agree- it's my list making that helps steer decisions, but nothing is a must do.

  4. I've no idea what I achieved or failed at in 2021 (I don't really do reflection) but I'm still here and that's the main thing!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, Sam! xxx

    1. For me, my goal setting is more a course map, where I want to go, what I want to do. It helps me prioritize and make choices.

  5. Excellent goals for 2022. I hope you are able to meet each one and more.

    1. I'll settle for progress towards each goal.

  6. You set yourself such positive goals so I wish you well on all of them (but don't beat yourself up if you don't make them all, right)? I wish you good health and happiness in 2022!

    1. No brow beating here. This list is a guide to help me focus and make decisions.

  7. It seems to me your goals for the upcoming year are plenty. Like you I need to work on the physical as well as the relationships. The former is hard, the latter harder still. I'm such a homebody and prefer my company to others most of the time. Thank goodness for the connectivity I feel from others in the blogging world.

    Wishing you and yours many blessing in this upcoming year. Happy New Year!

    1. Physical strength and healthier weight will make a difference in my life quality. I can't ignore it as I have.

  8. It is hard for people who work in "service" (even if you aren't in retail or restaurant) to put themselves first - as a fellow office worker, I get this. I like your prioritizing of your mental health, reading and meditation, Sam.

    I do not do resolutions other than, "read more books than last year", as I go into the "blame game" spiral if I resolve to do too much.

    A very Happy New Year to you, your family, friends and loved ones - I have enjoyed your posts and getting to know you this year. :) Happy 2022!

    1. You're right about that. For 9-10 or more hours a day my work is all about " how does this make life better for ..." It's a hard climate now to try and support others and not burn out ourselves.

  9. Well you did really well in the Fianacial area, my friend. And you got great kids, so you have done something right. I love your take on spending time with your MIL. I actually laughed out loud at your description of how to deal. I do really well with savings challenges and not so well in other areas. We all do what we can to stay out of jail right?

    1. I have to say, she may have mellowed, or I've handled my own reactions better, but I had fewer head pounding moments. I like my self impos d challenges and no one's been hurt yet. If we end up in jail, I'll let you pick the bunk.

  10. You certainly have a lot of goals. But, they seem balanced. Happy New Year!

    1. Consider it a road map this year to help me have a positive trip this year.


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