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No Yeast Crust-Flatbread Pizza with Spinach and Onions

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Cooking for our families or sharing a meal with friends is one of the best ways I find to share that you care about them. Food is also one of the necessities of life that so many people struggle to contain costs, yet an area that they do have more choices over what they buy.  Below are some past posts with either my own, or links to tasty recipe's without too much effort and bother, are economical, and can be part or all of a special meal depending on the occasion or company.   It is a work in progress. 

Chicken Croquettes from Anne at New Happenings at the Table Anne is attempting 52 new recipes in 2018 and does this one ever sound great!

Treats and Snacks-Christmas Time  This post contains  links and a few recipes to some of the treats my family enjoys each Christmas.  Note, none are particularly  Christmas themed so enjoy year round.

 Bean Soup

Home style Chicken Noodle soup-the easy way

 Lean and Lush Latte

Vegetable Tomato Rice Soup  (Correction to this trial and error soup recipe. Either omit rice all together or add leftover or freshly cooked rice separately, at the end of the soup cooking time. Cooking the rice fully with the vegetables created a somewhat mushy texture-not the nice rice and veg texture I would have wanted. The taste was still pretty good, but appearance and texture needed improvement.)

Broccoli Salad

Roasted Yams and Carrots

Taco Dip

Midwestern Goulash

Sweet Corn and Potato Chowder

Masala-I used a combination of three recipes and adapt and modify to what I have on hand and who is eating dinner at my house that night. Thank you to Skint Dad UK and the Frugal Queen for promoting tasty recipes that are low cost, nutritious, and get me out of my midwestern culinary rut. Check out the other recipe links on their sites.  Remember you may have to do a little British to American measurement conversion, but if you cook like me, a lot of approximates are used once you get a basic scale down between the two standards. 

Saturday Night Fakeaway – Vegetable Masala Curry With Boiled Rice, Naan Bread & Onion Bhajis

Skint Dad Budget Recipe Chicken Curry
Frugal Queen Chick Pea and Butternut Squash Curry
My version-this time.
Money Saving Risotto


  1. Oh I HAVE seen that recipe before! I just realized I commented on that post... If I could just talk some folks into letting me make it this year... Maybe over the weekend if htere is leftover broth.

    1. I think the picture in last post might have actually been pepper soup with too much rice. Doesn't matter as both are delicious.

  2. Wow....Nice food, It looks yumm but I am on diet and I strictly follow my the 5.2 diet meal plan :(

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