Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Favorite Blog Postings of the Week

It is Wednesday night and I have late volleyball, and the session won't even start until 8:30. The late games are hard, as no one wants to stop afterwards for a beer, and we learned the hard way, not a good idea to stop before.   My mind is a bit cluttered with all that is going on at the office, and having to finish a report later tonight, so I can hit send and enjoy a vacation day tomorrow with my daughters.  It is school break in Minnesota.  I'll be back to work on Friday, but a mid week Thursday day off should feel good-if I get that task done. For my post then, I've decided to do a quick sharing of  some of my favorite postings of the week.  I truly appreciate the blogging community I've found, and if you've found me, but haven't met one of these gifted writers and story sharers, I hope you'll check them out. 

Ilona at Life after Money, shares why she keeps her decision making nice and simple. Too many choices make a complicated life

Over at the Second Hand Years, I'm pleased Curtise's cat has returned, and I am oh so envious of her continual style and grace, and dang, those boots are gorgeous!  lost and Found

Not one, but two delicious crockpot rice pudding recipes at The Reason I Save Budget update and Rice Pudding    and the Frugal Queen  Sticky Toffee and Apple Rice PuddingI'm always interested in a good book suggestion ad will add The Phantom of Fifth Avenue to my winter reading list after a review also by The Reason I Save  Book review

To help add some calm and grace to your week, Simply Frugal shared some insight on tea. Nice Cup of Tea   I'm a coffee drinker first and foremost, but there is something more subtle and refined in enjoying a soothing brew, sipped from a tea cup as opposed to a hearty mug.

Last, check out and visit Becky and Joel at The Bacon and Ice Cream Blog, as Becky shares her passion for Redsox baseball, but more so the true meaning of friendship, love, and having a support system that never lets you down.Let's Go Red Sox

Many of the blogs I follow are on my side bar.  I am starting to get quite drawn in by some, and feel almost anxious when nothing is posted for a while. I may have a problem.  How about you?  What were some of your favorites this week and why?  I can always use another dozen on my list.

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