Friday, October 24, 2014

Pretty Places

I appreciate  unstructured time spent in space that is comfortable and visually appealing. 
When I am out of town and have a little spare time, I try to seek out the little areas probably well known to locals, but when stumbled upon when you're not expecting them, have an added appeal.

I was in Oklahoma city for a couple days for business  most flights are connecting flights, and  in order to navigate the best price for my work budget, I took a later flight, which gave me a few extra hours before having to get to the airport.  I enjoyed some unexpected sites.  There is a canal that runs along the back side of  what used to be a series of warehouses.  Most have been refurbished into bars and restaurants. and there were so many outdoor seating areas, but also a walk way along the canal.  if you've never been to Oklahoma City, the prettiness of the area, and the friendliness of the people cannot be overlooked.  On the canal, I ended my walk at the Devon Mosaic.  Look at the detail up-close, and you see the women in the mosaic pouring water, that then aligns with the real water feature.  Clever and soothing to sit and watch on a 80 degree October day. 

My angle is not the best, but the water from the picture appears to be flowing right form the jugs.
Business trips are usually short, and as costs to send employees on trips  becomes a steeper luxury, it gets harder to not cram every minute with work time. With the  advent of Facetime, Skype, and Go to Meeting, you can have virtual group meetings  with people in places all over the world.  There is still something though about  really being in the same space, seeing each others work environments, and the communities they engage in.  I appreciate the extra hours I had, to take my walk. Though it was a long route getting home, this mosaic was a little water oasis.

There is also Devon Bridge.

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