Sunday, September 13, 2015

Things That Probably Make me a Royal B#@%$!

I am not always successful in  trying to live my blog motto "to live with focus, purpose, simplicity and less guilt." There are days that annoyances make me feel like a down right bitch.  Hopefully, I am mature enough to let the thoughts in my head stay there, and move about with a  grimacing smile. Our day was church, a family birthday, car pooling DD#2 with friends, puttering around the house, and preparing for the week. It was an anticlimactic day, which made my prickly attitude all the more guilt inducing. Here is a list of my annoyances of the day-feel free to ridicule me at the end of the post.

People over disciplining their small children in church: Either accept that church is boring for little kids and they are going to get squirmy, take books and bibles in and out of the holders, wander back and forth on the pew, or have them stay in the nursery.  Really, the kids are not the problem-they are just being kids. Hearing parents and grandparents shoosh, pick kids up and put the kid down every 5 seconds, redirect them, cast dirty looks between parents or parent and grandparent, and all the other unhelpful things they do, is more disruptive than a kid out right screaming.

Taking in church: Lately we have had an interesting string of luck in apparently sitting next to families that obviously have had no time together, so they pick the sermon, or the music during the offering or communion, to have a full on conversation. We are not talking just whispering a few thoughts, but one you might have over morning coffee. If you are thinking elderly people, think again.  This mornings culprits were parents in their forties and teen age son.

Nosy extended family: DD#2 has been offered and accepted a full time position at her school. Home this weekend, she came along to the party.  Guess what aunts, uncles, grandparents, and relatives of in-laws, what she is being paid, and what benefits she has is not any of your business. Even if she felt like disclosing answers to you, she probably doesn't want to discuss in a public open setting like a party.  And another thing, while anything she shares is her choice,  please don't ask me for details, and act like I'm the one being rude when I say it is not for me to share.

Judgement by hypocrites:  I had let our party hosts know in advance we had a conflict and would need to leave at a certain time, but within the boundaries of a normal party parameter. We didn't just arrive dine, and dash. When mentioning to another family member that we needed to leave a bit early because DD#2 forgot about the family thing when she scheduled another activity, this invasive relative (yes, one of the same drilling the other D on her job benefits) had the frickin nerve to say, "Well, mistake on her, I'll guess she'll miss out." No, she will not miss out, as if it is your business, I wanted to say.  I also would have loved to ask the hypocrite why our leaving early is any different than coming late, as they had only arrived a bit before, well after the time of the invitation because of their own schedule. I said nothing, but this particular family member always has a "do what I say, not what I do" mentality, and with my mood today, it was hard to bite my tongue.

"Everything we do is precious" people: I love my grown niece, but each time we see her, I prepare for a long drawn out debriefing of her social life. I refer to it as "the show." It is not entirely her fault because both her mom and grandmother seem to think every experience she has is worldly and of utmost interest to others. Who would have thought it could take 30 minutes to hear about picking apples with her boyfriend.

Slow drivers: I can handle people driving at the speed limit, as we all probably should, but please do not pull out in front of me or the driver of my vvehicle in this case DH, when there is no one behind us, and then force us to slow our car way down to the point we are not even at the posted speed.  Don't do this particularly if you are going to just go a few miles and turn off anyway. This was experienced coming back to town from the  birthday gathering, when yes, we probably cut the time too close, to get our daughter to her 3:00 event.

There you have my rant for this Sunday.  I generally do not get in these pisy moods often, but when I do, I feel like I should apologize in advance to my nearest and dearest. Now that the air is clear, feel free to turn the other way if you happen to see me.  I promise I won't blame you.

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  1. I have a strong feeling this post felt very good to write, haha


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