Monday, January 25, 2016

Look What the Cat Dragged in

Saturday's plans slowly started for the window and Sunday's went out with a bang.  My intentions of a complete closet clean and overhaul succumbed to an annoying little headache Saturday morning, that led to a head banger by mid afternoon, to me needing a dark room, all out migraine by Sunday morning. In spots of thinking I was feeling better, I looked at a few other blogs, might have even commented, but paid for it later. I am not a regular migraine sufferer, and my sympathies go out to those that are. It was wretched, and this morning, I was lucky to find clean clothes and matching shoes let alone have mastered a five day vision of ensembles. I took a peek at myself in the restroom at work, and could only think I looked like something a cat might drag in-a very large, non discriminating cat. 

I will be at it tonight and a bit each evening and by weeks end, will post my results, and by weeks end, I do mean Saturday. I was cozy today though, wearing a very long cardigan, long sleeve t-shirt, and pull on black pants. They were not my yoga pants, I swear. The roads and parking lots were ice skating rinks due to a frozen mist blanketing the Twin Cities. I arrived both to work and home with no slips, slides, or falls, and think my head is back to its rightful state. 
Here's a good headache story.  It was originally from Readers Digest and posted at  


An End to Chivalry

Courtesy of Reader’s Digest
The escalator was broken, and the only way out of the airport was up a flight of stairs. I had a big suitcase and a sore knee.
I began dragging my bag and was making a loud thud on every step when a man behind me grabbed it and carried it to the top.
"That was so chivalrous," I gushed, thanking him.
"Chivalry had nothing to do with it," he said. "I've got a splitting headache."

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