Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friends in High Places

My friend W is 5'10".  Her daughters both are over 6' tall. I am a very average 5'6", maybe even 1/2 an inch more, and rarely feel short, except with W and her girls. They are all three lovely women, and generous in their time and talents. A was a basketball player and five years older than DD#1. S is a runner and 6 years older than DD#2. Many of A's hand me downs, particularity athletic sports wear came to DD#2 when she was young. Likewise, now many of S's closet comes to DD#2 to look through. Most of the shirts and shorts or skirts  with elastic waist bands worked out great as the older girls and younger girls respectively being of similar body types. Pants though, are another thing as becasue they are fitted both the waist size and length were too big for my girls, but we would always look through and pass along what my girls couldn't use, or were very different in taste. 

Yesterday was a hand me down day. I met W for lunch near our offices and had a quick catch up. We used to work together, but she  was always so much more than a coworker-friend, confidant, peer mentor, partner in crime, the works. A full empty nester now, her youngest  being a junior in college, it was nice to get updated on her exciting news of purchasing a cabin. They intend to retire there someday, but until then, will be the family retreat. We've been trying to get together with them for months, but we live in opposite parts of the cities, and they road trip to see their daughter run most weekends, while we of course were busy with DD#2's life. Getting lunch was what we could piece together. She had two garbage bags filled with treasures for DD#2 to look through.

After going through, we learned  that my daughter was probably the recipient of a whole dorm of college kids items, as the sizes, styles, and brands were all over the map. Lucky kid! There was even a few things I set aside for DD#2, like a pair of perfect snowboard pants (f nothing else but to keep in her trunk for cold weather car emergencies), brand new yoga pants, like new slip on canvas deck shoes, and a pair of brand new flip flops. DD#1 weeded down what she chose to keep, and we have slightly less than one bag to pass on to Good Will.  Most were jeans and jean shorts that were too big and too long, and several dresses that just would likely never be worn. Some other teen is going to get to enjoy them. 

Her keeps were a dozen t-shirts, perfect for summers at the lake, soccer practice, and running. There were many cami's and sleeveless or short sleeve shirts.  DD#2 loves to layer cami's under her clothes. There were soft sweaters to put away for winter, and several small pull on casual skirts. Best of all was finding three jackets, two faux leather ones in brown and black, and a Levi's jean jacket. Each was slightly big for DD, but not enough that she didn't want to keep them. There was also a brand new Nike back pack and another good quality, if faux, leather back pack. Did I say what a lucky kid she is?

I am the lucky one that I have such great friends that think of us to pass on perfect conditioned and stylish clothing. Also, lucky that my daughter's are sensible and see the natural smartness of happily accepting second hand  items, and see them as gifts, not cast-offs. I am so appreciative of our friends in high places! I'm a horrible photographer, but here are a few pictures of the bounty. 

Two huge bags, weeded down to less than one. A lot will be added to DD#2's closet, but now she needs to do some purging of her own.  

Part of the loot she chose to keep.

Isn't this so cute? 

 Here are the three jackets-no wear what so ever. 

The Nike one may be her school bag next year, or a bag for cross country season. The other will be nice for the Alaska trip later, and I just might need to borrow it!

The final pile-shirts, cami's, brand new socks and tights, and a few sweaters are in that pile.

My favorite of the combinations she can make.  What say's summer in Minnesota like a polka dot cami and jeans skirt. It is supposed to be very warm tomorrow and we have a graduation party-great timing. The best part, where on S the skirt was a short mini, it falls at least mid thigh to just above the knee for DD#2. Her dad will be happier. 


  1. You need to teach your daughters how to sew so they can hem stuff themselves if too long. Will save them lots of money in the future....

    1. I would need to learn myself first! Actually, if it was just the length, I'd have figured it out, but it was size as well. S is a small-medium, but in sizes a 5-6, where as DD#2 is a XS-S, but a 0-1 pant size, so elastic works, but not fitted. Same when DD#1 got items. She was probably a M-L, size 9, but my friends daughter A was a L-XL, Size 11-13. We could all figure out how to hem, but not take in clothes.


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