Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ode to Sleep and Other Good Things in Life

Apologies for my cranky and tired post last night. Today, though, it's new, the weather predicts perfection, and I had six hours + of uninterrupted sleep. My inner clock struggles to keep me sleeping much longer than that at one go, but when I give into exhaustion and just go to bed when my body says to, even without a full eight hours I feel good the next morning. I woke at 3:45, tried to fall back, but then just go up. I'm on a second load of laundry in the washer, I dealt with a few work e-mails left undone yesterday, have had one and am on cup number two of a delicious vanilla cream coffee, and am ready to tackle the work place politics-after a shower of course. I ended up cobbling together a better than kitchen pickings kind of meal, though simple. I had a couple brats still from Saturday that haven't been used up, so I sliced them into discs and cooked them up in some spicy red beans and rice. It was simple, tasty, and both DH and DD were happy with it as well. As I sit here watching the sun slowly come up through our eastern facing back patio door window, just  the distant hum of the washer and dryer, and my own clicking of keys, it is easy to think about good things in life. 

1. Sleep: We had a night off from any activities and with us back to our small, and quiet household, I went to bed early and slept hard and well. A good sleep should never be under rated. 

2. Simple, tasty food: Being able to throw rice, beans, spices, and leftover meat into a pan on the stove, get it to boil, then let simmer for 25 minutes, meant for about two minutes of actual labor. We had a meal  just as good, and 10 times less costly than a take out meal.

3. Pet's: When he's not being a little creep, pup just makes me smile as I see him laying on his back in his doggie bed, feet up, ears spread. Fish in the kitchen does a happy dance when I come near the bowl.  I know it is just  reaction to the change in light, but I like to think he's happy to see me.

4. Pajama pants: Really, do I need to explain? I do not wear outside my home, but the minute I know I am firmly rooted for the night, they go on. 

I've willed myself into a Pollyanna mood. It's now time to start the day for real and get the kid out of bed and myself in the shower.  Goodbye pajama pants and hello sensible work togs. It's Thursday folks, and that means tomorrow is Friday, and that is always on my list of good things.


  1. Sleep, fab food, pets and pj's what could be better than that? Hope your Thursday was good and your Friday even better with a great weekend to look forward to. X

    1. Not that I want to get into a blame game, but the lack of accountability situation from Tuesday has moved full circle. Not only did I very definitively decipher the flaw, I provided support and tools for the parties to remediation and fix the problem. Other than that a typical Thursday.


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