Friday, November 4, 2016

Ode to Morning Teenagers

"M are you even awake yet!" I'm calling to my daughter for the third time this morning. She is tired. She is ready to be done with the week. She had no weekend at all last weekend. She has a headache. These are all true things. Most of the time she is a pretty mellow, friendly, and kind type of kid, but as her stress level rises with school work in relation to her unscheduled time going down, she gets almost as cranky as her mother does. Fortunately, she has nothing on her weekend but homework (always present) and fun with friends. I've written a two part haiku to capture her morning, and complete happy mood swing when she realized her weekend is free. 

Ode to Morning Teenagers 
Quit yelling at me!
I never have time for me
Just let me sleep more.

Nothing on schedule;.
Can I sleep at my friends house?
No homework tonight


  1. When my kids were in high school I "gave" them 1 personal leave day per semester. They all made good grades and were good enough kids, but all their teachers got.6 personal days every month and most of them took at least 1 personal day per semester. It was kind of funny, because knowing I would personally allow it was sometimes enough. I think in the end they may have each taken a total of 3 during their 4 years in High school (9-12 in our system)

    1. I too will give her the benefit of the doubt when I can really see she has reached a point where the day of rest will in the long run be better for her.


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