Saturday, April 21, 2018

Whole Lot Of White Space on My Calendar

I personally have very few commitments on my calendar for the rest of April. DH is having his annual siblings night tonight at the cabin instead of them going out and staying in a hotel. They'll probably go in town for dinner and a couple drinks, maybe some music, but then head back and just drink like fishes back at the lake. We all really need to be using the space more year round. Our budget will be ahppy for a lighter cost to the weekend. DD2 has the make up ACT test this morning, followed by her and the posse of friends heading over a couple towns for a Raising Kane's late lunch. The kids love this chain chicken place. When DS was in high school, it was heading over two towns for Buffalo Wild Wings. Now, 12 year late, BWW's are everywhere, but still not in our town, but the interest has wained. Tomorrow we have her show choir banquet. 

Other than that, my weekend is my own. My sister's sister-in-law's husband passed away this week and the funeral and visitation are tomorrow. DH and I will stop at the visitation before the banquet, but are not going to the funeral. I offered to make a dessert and pasta salad for the light dinner following the service, but waiting to hear from my sister what and how much might be needed. I'll go to church tomorrow morning, but probably alone as DD2 will sleep in and DH will hang at the cabin getting a few spring jobs done before coming home mid afternoon. I've got nothing scheduled any week night other than our nephews birthday party Friday night. I'll try to get to DD2's track meet Tuesday though.

I plan to go to a community conversation meeting next Sunday night on diversity and inclusivity in the community. As with most communities, our smallish town is much more diverse culturally, racially, and linguistically than when I grew up. I think that is a good thing and am pleased we are engaging in conversations to ensure the feel of our community  is welcoming, yet long time residence still feel at home. I think compared to many places, at least outwardly, it seems we might be moderately successful in doing so. I'll be curious to  talk with neighbors, other parents, business owners, seniors and youth if they experience this, and if not, discuss direction and solutions. 

What started as a jam packed month fizzled to little after the weekend of the snow storm. My house could use a good top to bottom cleaning, so housework is planned for today. Hopefully by next weekend, we will see the end of the snow melt and can start on some yard work. I long for those nights spent outside on my deck, no running anywhere needed. The time is coming. 
Pup s ready for deck time as well. 

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