Friday, September 5, 2014

Focus on the Moment

So I just got done writing a short little post about trying to stay focused in the moment, and the myth that multi-tasking is possible. In my attempt to edit and spell check, without saving the draft, I inadvertently erased my whole post, and couldn't get it back. I guess it is serendipitous that it happened. See, I have been so busy today with a jam packed day of meetings for the non-profit board I am on, yet I still tried to keep an eye on my e-mails for anything urgent, as well as checking in at home a couple times to make sure nothing needed attention or was missed. Because I committed to a post a day the month of September for this blog, I was working feverishly to hit "publish" before midnight, while having Facebook and my e-mail on screen.

Here is what I accomplished with my so called multi-tasking. I replied to a message with information that someone else had readily at their fingertips in the office, adding no additional value to the response. I gave partial information to my boss, even though he didn't need or ask for an immediate response, leaving him with just as many questions than if I would have waited until Monday. I missed a window of opportunity to take a restroom break, further adding distraction later in the afternoon. I confirmed that my daughter did get to where she needed to go, with what she needed to have with her. I wrote, attempted to spell check, deleted, and had to rewrite a blog post; sounds pretty ridiculous reading it here.

The last two years, we've had a duck take over a planter at work to lay her eggs.  When in the nest, she paid no attention to the comings and goings in the office, even though the basket was right next to the building entrance-focused on keeping her eggs warm. I want to be that duck. With that epiphany, tomorrow I will have a much more concentrated effort to stay focused on the moment at hand. I will connect with my fellow board members and not a 4 inch smart phone screen on breaks. I'll call home once tomorrow, to say hello to my husband and daughter, assured all  else is in hand. I’ll enjoy the gift of time with daughter number 1. Do you think you are capable of really getting multiple things done at the same time? How do you do it? If not, how have you conquered your own multi-tasking myth?
Petunia stays focused-never mind the distractions

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