Monday, September 29, 2014

Hard Work and Sweet Rolls

I'll say it again.  This blogging is hard stuff.  Some days, in my quest to post  each day in September a paragraph or two on managing the frustrations in my life by reframing them as  blessings, I had nothing. Today though, I had two opportunities, stemming from the same start.  I was supposed to have a 9:00 meeting with a new director at a partner organization.  We calendared in the 29th, to meet at a great little coffee shop, Key's, with incredible home made sweet rolls near her office  and sort of on route to mine.  I have not yet met this person so I arrived a bit early so I could get a seat facing the door.  Several people, and 20 minutes later, no luck.  Now there are multiple locations in and around St Paul.  I was 100% sure we had agreed to this one, but that little twinge of doubt crept in.  I couldn't find the e-mail confirmation in my phone, so I looked up her contact information online at her companies web site.  Now 9:30, I left a message by phone and e-mail, paid for my coffee and also a delicious caramel sweet roll to go.  How is that for turning being stood up into a blessing. 

When I got to my office, I checked to see if I had an e-mail or phone message back.  Nothing.  This was really odd, but it at least confirmed that she wasn't sitting at a different locale wondering where I was.  I nibbled on my roll, and dove into my day, a bit annoyed that I lost two hours in the office.  Right before I headed into a 1:30 meeting, I had an awful thought that perhaps something  bad might have happened.  After all, who doesn't show up for meetings, and then never calls or e-mails back to explain what happened?   I finished my meeting and looked at e-mails when I got back to my desk.  Thankfully I had a message from her, apologizing profusely that she had inadvertently put the meeting in her calendar for  October 29 when we made the arrangement a couple weeks ago, and didn't realize her error until she herself saw my e-mail just a few moments before. I expressed that I was just happy to learn that nothing serious had happened, and assured her, this stuff happens.  We rescheduled for October 29th,for real, and she invited me for breakfast, same place and time, her treat. Blessing number two.  Now I'm not really this glib. The real blessing is that she and I both got to our respective offices in the usual mundane, and safe way, but breakfast out, and on a weekday, ranks pretty high on my simple pleasures list.

It is easy to get stressed, annoyed, and put out with what really are minor inconveniences  in the grand scheme of life. Imagine the alternatives to this story in why she was a no show.  I am sad to think I went to annoyance first, rather than concern. Tomorrow marks the end of September.  I'll try and revamp the website for October, plan out articles better and research a few posts to bring to the topic of reframing perspective. Maybe you'll chime in with thoughts and ideas.  I hope you do! How about it?  When have you seen a blessing where you first saw  a burden?

Not Key's but pretty close.

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