Thursday, September 18, 2014

Slices of Life

Regretfully, I have shirked my post a day In September self commitment in a big way.  Since I've not touched this site since Sunday, I'll catch you up on my success and misses in intentional and simple living. 

Sunday-After letting the hubby's family know my son would not make it home for the family wedding, I braced for fall out over disappointment in not getting a family picture  You see my immediate family has a reputation, unfounded, of disrupting the plans that my husbands siblings or mother make.  On more than a single occasion, one of them has thought out how a situation should play out and then are gobsmacked when we throw a curve.  This time though, we had honestly thought all five in our family would be at the wedding, and the full family picture would actually work.  I stressed over getting the response, and guess what?  While disappointed, of course all were ecstatic for my son in landing a great opportunity and position on a film crew. I'm trying to mask my own disappointment but part of why I am trying to venture into writing, is hopefully raise a bit of extra money to be able to go to my kids, or vice versa when the timing works. What a blessing that I have kids that feel confident in following an open road, yet know they are welcome back any time. We also bought an apple pie on Sunday-I know we should have made it, but for $3.99, couldn't resist the Cub bakery version.

Monday-Work was "meh", but I've decided I just need to work to mitigate any potential bad decisions, and hopefully contribute to a new structure that will be if not better, at least healthy. Bombshell though-a manager of the most complex of all the programs in my division gave her notice.  I am overwhelmingly happy for her to have the new job, as besides respecting her work, she is a really great colleague and friend.  My head is spinning to think about how to fill the hole in the short and long term.  What's that saying though, when a door closes, a window opens?  Let's hope it opens really wide and really fast.  On the blessing side-made a killer penne pasta and peppers with red sauce for supper.  Delicious!
Tuesday- Finally a few clues health wise as to my perpetual malaise.  More to come, and more waiting.  Daughter #2 shaved a bit of time off her run at the cross country meet, though missed soccer.  She is going to have to decide which sport in future seasons-two at once does not work.

Wednesday-After two weeks in a row shut out of any wins in volleyball, we finally won 2 of 3 games.  I moved more these games, even landed a few good hits, and know I will feel it on Thursday!  I have confirmation that my muscles do work, but creakiness is setting in before the lights are even out. To take an ibuprofen or not?

Thursday-Oh yes, I feel every stretch, every strain, and every reach from last night. There is a blessing of ergo dynamic cars seats and lumbar support, to help my discomfort driving to work.

To wrap up, episodes of Miranda are now on Acorn TV.  If you have never seem Miranda Hart, she is silly, sweet, clumsy, and all things I have felt about myself over my life. Don't take any similarities to a great extent, it is a British farce after all.

How to describe this week? It had more drama than I needed, and was pretty contrary to simple and intentional living. However, while it felt like a week to just get through, tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is here. There was no farm market produce this week, but the remnants from the three peppers bought at Trader Joe's two weeks go and about to turn bad cooked up just as nicely. I didn't take a long walk or bike ride in the country, but had daily walks in the neighborhood with our curious dog, who thinks walks with me is the highlight of his day. Both my husband and I got to talk with our son before he hit the road, and heard how happy he is doing his thing. It's great to remember this wasn't my whole pie of life, just a few tiny little slices from a very large pie-actually slivers at that.

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