Thursday, September 11, 2014

When your cup is not running over

I'm still feeling the malaise of earlier into the week.  As much as it was fun to have a weekend with my daughter, the go-go lifestyle, getting home after midnight and back at work at 8:00 the next morning, sort of emptied my reserves.  My little kiddo is in her second week of school, cross country practice, and about to head into her first soccer game season for fall.  Today she had a running meet, and then soccer practice, and about 25 math problems still to get done.  She was also spent by 9:00 tonight.  It was time to just let those cups drain and look for a refill somewhere else.  We spent the last hour before sending her off for a quick shower, teeth brushing, and bed, playing with the pets, and just vegging out. There are three baskets of unfolded laundry, and I think it will stay that way, and I am fine with fishing socks and underwear out tomorrow morning.  Well, I'm really not fine with it, but I have succumbed tonight to the power of nothing. 

 It wasn't a totally unproductive night.  I'm getting this blog post done, and while daughter was at soccer practice, I brought the pup along to explore the walking tails around the athletic park.  He was a happy dog.  Megan refueled while doing home work, but then while relaxing, she sipped on some juice.  She started playing around with the cup trying to lift it with her toes.  Both girls got in the act and decided to see if they could actually pic it up and hold it with their toes, and drink from it.  Megan could, though in honesty the cup was empty when she did this stupid human trick.   

No work in the office for three days as I have my class reunion and have also come to my max in vacation accrual.  Tomorrow is a vacation day, but I'm also fitting in a doctor appointment to recheck some things, and seeing if my lack of energy has any other sources besides trying to burn the candle wick at both ends. So, I'll end for now, and plan to read some posts from a few of you other bloggers, ones with boundless energy, and see if something seeps through the screen
How's this for a trick?

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