Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apple, M&M's, and Diet Coke

Here is how today went: 
  • plugged up coffee dispenser spewed coffee and water at me, in a white dress shirt
  • start dressing over again as nothing clean to swap out for said dress shirt with bottoms, so changed clothes entirely
  • scrambling now because I forgot it was Tuesday and DD#2 has to be at school early on Tuesdays, D can't find clean socks-pull mismatched from basket
  • get everyone out the door, in car, car in reverse and realize cell phone still plugged in kitchen-put car in park, go back in house to get phone
The rest of the early morning was not much better, but eventually, we got where we needed to be, safely. Except my lunch, and with the a.m. hoopla, I had skipped breakfast.  I know there are power people that thrive on coffee and adrenaline. That is not me.  By the time my 10:30 meeting had a late start to 11:00, pushing into my window of time before my 1:00 meeting, real hunger, on top of caffeine heightened nerves from all my coffee, was getting the better of me. I had a can of soup in my desk drawer, but no the time to heat and eat. As I was trying to gather my notes to head across town to the other office, a wondrous site caught my eye.  It was the gorgeous honey crisp apple I had packed yesterday, but didn't have time to eat.  Not only was it real food, it was completely portable and could be eaten on route. 

I had to reverse course two hours later, and go back to the main office.  I had a fleeting thought to try and quickly run through a drive through and grab a burger.  I've really been limiting my fast food forays in general, and eating fast food in a car, when in a hurry, screamed bad idea. Then I remembered two things.  In my glove box was the remnants of a bag of peanut butter M&M's. Nirvana! I also remembered I had the same large tote bag I used on the weekend-the one I had tossed a Diet Coke into, but never drank. Now many people might question the awesomeness of finding M&M's and Diet Coke, let alone making them your lunch.  For me, on this Tuesday, the snacks combined were enough to, if only mentally, give me the energy boost to finish the work day, and feel like I conquered my Tuesday karma.

I'd  have liked to share that our evening meal made up for the rag tag calories consumed during daylight hours. Actually, supper was just a makeshift hodgepodge of items on hand, but with enough substance to meet generally accepted regular meal standards. I think it is time to take a look at what I keep on hand in the car and desk.  Quick go to things like soup or canned pasta work if I'm staying put, but not going to be a help at all on these back to back meeting days. I don't want to rely on prepackaged goods with more chemicals than food in the ingredients, but I need a few days shelf life.  Same for snacks my daughter can throw in her back pack-not always consumed same day.  I'm happy for any ideas you have. 


  1. Oh I have had so many days like these and the joy at finding a bar of chocolate nearly sends me into raptures so now I hide them around the house waiting to be discovered at a later date :)

    1. I remember when my nephew was about 3, he found my sisters stash of M&M's, and being the nice young guy he was, decided to share them with his sister. The bad thing was she was only a few months old, and he decided to feed her a couple. No harm, but she found better places that little fingers couldn't reach.


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