Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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My post tonight is short and just something to noodle on.  How can so many people see, feel, and think so differently about the same information and situations?  I spent a thought provoking day with smart people, but very different interpretations of events, information, and actions.  As I ponder my own question, helped with the effect of a few cocktails, I have affirmation that perspective is all in the view of the beholder. Many of us are guarded with sharing our perspective outright; we hold our cards close to our vest until we think the time is right to disclose.  Wouldn't life be interesting if we all spoke as honestly as children, or senior citizens? (or the inebriated?) Both call a situation as they see it, when they see it.

On a similar note, kids and the elderly get each other.  I found that so true between my youngest and my aging parents in their last few years.  I over heard a cute interaction between child and a senior citizen in a wheel chair at the airport yesterday. "I'm 5!" he says holding up fingers. "Oh my" she said back. "That's one of the ages I used to be." Nodding his head as she was talking, he then said, "uh hah, I knew that."  Nice shared perspective.

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