Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Tale of Two Worlds

Proud mom moment so bare with me for a few words. DD#2 auditioned and was selected for an honors choir and today is the all day rehearsal, and concert late this afternoon.  I was up early driving her across the metro to get her checked in, and now back home until we go back later with grandparents for the concert.  It was a beautiful scene at check-in.  Dozens of 12-14 year olds from all parts of the state, diverse in geography, culture, and appearance, will all join together as a one time choir. I've heard my daughters practice and I have no doubt that this will be a phenomenal experience for her, and for those of us that get to listen.

Transition just a few minutes later, back in my car listening to BBC World.  We let the Sirus expired on the car after the free trial, but  guess we get a free month, so back listening to the one station I found not overwhelming.  Sometimes many choices is a bad thing. The news commenced with a horrifying report of 28 people, riding on a bus in Kenya, were horrifically murdered by Islamic gunmen, separated from the group when they could not recite from their holy book on command. each was shot.This was followed soon by a follow-up story told by a Muslim women on how she witnessed her son's brutal beating to an inch of his life by a group of thug neo-Nazi's, followed after leaving his university in a European city, which I missed hearing, still struggling with what I had just heard about Kenya.  Equal opportunity terrorism. From the innocence within that high school  registration hallway to the horror on the radio, I was slapped again with the reality that there are people in the world trying to make it an evil place.

Another story on the news focused on the controversy of the We are the World remake from the 1980's BandAid fundraiser song, with 2014 musical artists, and still Bono.  The words have been rewritten to focus attention and raise money for Ebola research and relief for  the countries impacted.  the controversy is that the rewritten words seem insensitive and trivializes the condition, and in the long run will hurt later investment once the crisis is over.  The other part of the controversy is there are many  African musicians that have already been recording and promoting  music to bring attention to the crisis, and the money spent on redoing We Are the World would have been more effective going with the African Musicians platform instead of pandering to self indulgent music stars.  I do find the new version quite tacky, and having heard some of the African music, if it was music that compelled me to donate, I'd go with the latter.

So in this month of November, when in a week, families across the country, and American expats around the world will celebrate Thanksgiving, I must give thanks.  I am thankful for my family, the opportunities I have, and the fact that I don't worry daily that my race or religion are going to bring me or my children  harm. while not perfect, I am thankful for the medical system, and the caring professionals that take care of my family when faced with sickness, knowing most o the time, things will be alright. I am thankful for the beauty in the world, even when it is gray and dreary outside, with no sun shining. I get to hear a choir of  beautiful youth voices tonight, and go to bed saying a prayer of thankfulness, and a prayer of hope. Have a lovely weekend.

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