Sunday, November 9, 2014

Glam for the Low Maintenance

I'm not a slave to fashion-no one would ever put me in the fashionista category, but I don't think I would be a nominee for What Not to Wear either.  I like to look clean, neat, and appropriately dressed, but don't have the knowledge and probably wouldn't care if I did, to wear the latest designer styles or follow makeup trends.   I don't throw money at name brand products when the less expensive off brand does the trick, but I have a few favorites products I cling to.  I love a nice apricot facial scrub, and let it do double duty as an elbow and knee exfoliator.  I can get out the door, from shower to hair coiffed in fifteen minutes, so am thrifty with time as well.  That last bit was ingrained since childhood as I had so many siblings, and a one bathroom house, I  had to learn to be fast.  This extended into my adult hood, with college roommates, and marrying a man that seems to need considerably more grooming time.  As the kids got older, I also had to compete with teenagers for the bathroom as well.

So where am I going with this?  As I get older, I'm finding my  scraped back, get out the door routine might be fine for every day, but when it comes to going out with friends and my husband at night, I'd like to look a bit more put together, as opposed to thrown together.   I know Facebook is at least one part exaggeration, and another part choice photography, but so many of my friends and acquaintances seemed to have blossomed in their empty nester years, and I still look like the car pool lane mom of three. I don't mean they look like jet setters, magazine models, or presidential candidates, but they look self-assured and confident. A couple friends look like the stylish grandmas I hope to be someday; playing it cool with their young grandkids, sporting jeans and just the right tops.  A work friend can wear scarves like no one I know.  She doesn't have an extensive work wardrobe, but has scarves by the dozen, and mixes and matches them depending on her day, or color she wants to accent. 

My one claim to middle years self-confidence is my relatively wrinkle free and spot free complexion.  I wasn't one for sun bathing as a teen, and was usually wearing a cap of some sort when I was out in the sun.  Perhaps my lack of convoluted beauty routine helped-less scrubbing and pulling on my skin.  For makeup though, even when I took the time, it was nothing more than a little foundation, blush, and mascara.  Lip stick and eye shadows kind of scare me as I picture that I will look like one of those carnival caricature drawings.

 Here is my plea for help. What do you focus on for those special nights out?  What have you added to your day routine that has helped you perk up your self-confidence?  What are you go to "glam" products?   Do you have signature clothes pieces that help you feel like you are making your own statement?  Please join in the conversation. I love the idea of using vintage and repurposed items-old things worn in new ways, so those of you who have done a makeover with your own closet, I want to learn from you.  Blog pages you rely on are appreciated.


  1. I think a great dress takes the stress out of getting ready for a night out - one piece, and you're done! Well, OK, underwear and shoes might help too, but I do find dresses very easy, and you can dress them up or down depending on the coat/jacket and shoes/boots you choose. Of course, I love an eye-catching vintage frock, but that's just me. Make-up? I always wear mascara and eyeliner, and I think lipstick does ramp up the glam factor. I've had lots of people ask me (vaguely disapprovingly) how I find time to "get all dressed up" every day, when in reality, I doubt it takes me any longer to put on a vintage dress than it takes them to get dressed in jeans and a sweater! xxx

    1. You're blog is phenomenal, and I've been looking at some you follow. I know what you mean about dresses, but I struggle with too ample a top half, with a different size on the bottom-I end up looking like a sausage. I will try and be bolder with lip stick-Others pull it off, so maybe I could at least try.

  2. I'm not into makeup much, I never really have, which is strange since teenage girls my age still haven't gathered the concept of less is more yet with their makeup. So, I focus on what I wear generally; I make sure that what I wear is true to who I am and what I like. If I feel like an outfit is me, then I feel confident. I take my clothes from anywhere; charity shops and online shops.
    I have always loved the idea of personalising jackets and things, like leather jackets and denim jackets (which look really cool) jeans are also good and easy to personalise, however I'm too lazy to do any DIY projects at the moment.

    1. You sound like my older daughter in her teen years, and she still does mix and match. Didn't get that gene from her mother, and definitely not from either Grandmother because both always dress(ed) in head to toe matchy-matchy, right to earings and nail polish-I guess a certain kind of style. My 3 year old loves the vintage t look, or t's that fit her hobbys-glad neither were drunk on the A&F, Hollister punch where you pay to advertise someone else's style.


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