Monday, November 3, 2014

The Home Stretch: Campaign Ads

"Tis the night before election day and all through the house, we can't escape hearing from PACS, special interest groups and quite a few louse."   Not exactly Longfellow, but you get the picture.  Even taking the dog for a walk this weekend proved an effort in tactical maneuvers to avoid campaign canvassers from state and federal house and senate volunteers, to neighbors and parents of kids from my daughters school vying for city council seats. 

Most everyone in the US is ready to be done with the 2014 election season, or the campaign season, but I read an interesting pop up on Facebook today. It went along the lines of how important each and every voter is to the process of a free society, and essential to the electoral process.  If we weren't all so important, why would the campaigns be throwing hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions in advertising aimed at getting your vote.  Think about that before you choose to pass on the election tomorrow. 

There is much to crab about in government, but also much to  preserve in protecting our rights, starting with exercising  our right to vote.   Your vote is a powerful tool.


  1. I have been voting by mail for years, ever since it became legal in this state without being a disabled voter. And for me the voting was done weeks ago! so all the campaigning and visits and so on are superfluous, as I explain to the canvassers: been there, done that. You would be amazed at the number of canvassers who don't even know the law changed years ago to allow mail-in voting here! they insist that I couldn't have voted yet, the election is tomorrow, etc. Sigh. We need an educated electorate and candidates desperately need workers who know thing ONE at least about the electoral process..

    1. I can't see myself doing mail voting until I have the flexibility to be traveling on election. I like the whole on site voting and bringing my daughter along. The voting by mail though should help participation-I hope.


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