Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vacation Wind Down-$13

$13 is the remainder to spend if I want to stay on the "new" budget.  Originally I planned $200 more but when I shaved $160 off through a promi code, I decided to aim for an even $200 less than budget.  We still have a full day of meals, transportation, and a souvenir sweatshirt to buy DD#2 and something for W the neighbor boy feeding the fish and returning our garbage bins. Well, at least we won't be over original budget.  Meals are the killer.  Normally we would eat more fruit or just grocery items but I made some poor decisions for that approach-better for others.  I'll blog more later for do's and don'ts of vacationing in Washington DC.  I learned "work" DC and "vacation" DC need different strategies.

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