Monday, November 23, 2015

For those Looking for a Few Side Dishes: Broccoli salad, Roasted Yams and Carrots, Taco Dip...

Our plans are the same this year as last.  DH's cousin for a big lunch on Thanksgiving, then later joining my family for evening with snacks and leftovers and maybe desert.  I'm bringing green bean casserole instead of broccoli salad this year as I am on full veggie detail, but otherwise, same as last year.  In my attempt to blog everyday in November, I'm shamelessly pulling up a post form last year.  

A New Frame of Reference: Broccoli salad, Roasted Yams and Carrots, Taco Dip...: The following three dishes were my contributions, along with plenty of wine, to the Thanksgiving feasts. Broccoli Salad five cups (roughl...

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