Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Truly In the Deep Freeze Mindset

I like to eat and I like to have a warm and dry house to live in. Despite my wanting to hole up under my covers each morning, I force my body to move out from under the softness as I am a grown up and have work to do, money to earn, and bills to pay. I stumble in the bathroom and look at my grumpy morning face, splash some cold water on it, do what needs to be done and get to the coffee maker. After that first cup, I feel human again, and slightly less grumpy. I shower, dress, nag DD#2 a bit to get her stuff together, start the freezing car that doesn't seem any more pleasant than I do. Out the door, drive to work, bundle tightly again to walk from parking lot to office. I hate the extra precautions needed to make sure I don't hit any icy patch, seen or worse unseen black ice, ready to put my but on the ground.  I slather lotion on my hands when I sit at my desk, and the dry skin absorbs it like a sponge, because if I don't, I can feel the skin developing those painful little dryness cracks.  

This cantankerous person is not me for 46-47 weeks of the year. I'm not a morning grump, and relish the quiet before others are moving around. However, when that calendar passes my daughters birthday, the last thing I look forward to until spring, the winter freeze mind set sets in. Other years I've had a vacation, or last year, a job change to look forward to and plan for, and that has helped. This year nothing. but perhaps a weekend away to Chippewa Falls, home of Leinenkugel's Brewery, for a night away with friends and a brewery tour. I can only surf the web and research just so much on beer. 

I'll snap out of it by late February when the days start getting longer, and then into March when we'll get a surprisingly close to record high day. Minnesotans in droves will dodge their hat and mittens and pale legs will peak out of walking shorts on those days, even while knowing we are bound to get another dumping or two of snow. It's the annual  forced breaking out of the deep freeze mindset, I am looking forward to that.



  1. Yes, I find January a long hard month - it's a slog, but we're getting towards the end of it now, and Spring's not TOO far off! xxx

    1. Perhaps in your neck of the world! We had a two foot snow storm on May 1st 2 years ago-crazy!It's good to know I am not the only gloomy person com January and February. Perhaps if I was more of a Valentines Day person, I would have something to look forward to.


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