Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First Good Winter Storm of the Winter

Where I am I don't think it falls under blizzard definition, but the snow has been falling, I am told, heavy since 11:00.  Many of the school districts in the southern part of the state of which we are on the edge, called a snow day yesterday, or in our case, early morning, to be safe. I'm sure you might have heard the whoop of joy from DD#2, already planning a snow day of doing absolutely nothing of any significance. 

 I went to work on dry roads, returned a few calls, did some final prep for a legislative hearing on my program scheduled mid morning, and by the time it was over, a blanket of white covered St Paul. The boss boss said everyone should head for home if not essential to be in the office, to work there, or make up on another day if preferred. Since I worked late yesterday, was up early this a.m. working, I found it very easy to oblige. It still was a 90 minute commute, early afternoon. I am sorry for the poor souls bound to their jobs and will need to brave the roads during real rush hour. My tummy was telling me grab some lunch, so that is what I am doing, while typing this before logging into the office for a couple hours. Spicy red hummus on multigrain bread and a banana-delicious. 

It's been a good day. The hearing went as well as we expected-some tough questions, a few positive nods and statements of support, and of course in any process that has a sniff of politics, a  vitriol statement or two, but nothing my colleagues and I couldn't handle. It was our job to present clear, detailed and accurate information, and they make the laws, so good tough examination of any public investment should be done. Following on the heels of the Iowa caucus, the litmus test for the Presidential race front runners, it is good to be reminded that while different roles, everyone has a role in a democracy.

I'm safely home, have the Keurig heating up for cup after cup of tea, and a full fridge and pantry. Eating lunch so late, an actual cooked supper, not girls dinner, will be a little later.  DD#1is working on a freelance job, and DD#2 is busy doing nothing of any significance, as she planned. I think she may have a steady stream of YouTube to catch up on. We'll need to shovel, and will tackle once the plow goes by again, the girls already having done one round. It is so very pretty outside. If you are in this swath of snow, stay warm; stay safe. 


  1. Wow, you have a really impressive job!
    We were lucky and didn't get snow, we got freezing rain and then just rain. It was wonderful. I'm ready for Spring to start. I'm not a winter sort of person.

    1. Hah-not so impressive but I'm the policy petson so thats part of the game. Its been so ugly but the snow has cleaned it up. Freezing rain-worse than snow.


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