Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love in Blue and Gold

It is a cold one today. A high of 9 degrees F, with lots of wind. Not the best of days for a middle age arthritic woman to have to spend two and 1/2 hours each way on a school bus and spend between 10 and 13 hours depending on how the show choirs do in the competition, in a big drafty high school. I am bringing a comfy blanket and pillow to hopefully aid in getting a little nap on the bus.  As we are due for the buses at 5:00 a.m., my post is a repeat and even this intro is pre-written for a scheduled publishing. Apologies for my recycling  from my Sam and Writing blog but I thought my affinity for a special blanket, released from my thoughts by one of Natalia's Rise and Write prompts, was fitting for today. She asked us to think about and write about a blanket. This one's coming with me today.

Love in Blue and Gold-An Encore

As grandparents, both sets of our parents loved to attend our kids and nieces and nephews sporting events.  They were the bleacher sitters at basketball games, and brought along yard chairs for sitting on the sidelines of soccer, football, softball and baseball games in the younger years before the kids played at the high school level. Minnesota weather is unpredictable, and chilly and wet spring can last well into summer, and early fall coolness can land in August.  We also have the sweltering above 90 days as well.  Grandparents need to be prepared for all sorts of weather so besides the yard chairs, umbrellas, extra jackets, and blankets were permanent contents in their car trunks.

One year for Christmas my older daughter, with the help of her younger sister, decided to make fleece tie blankets for both her grandmothers.  She decided to do them in our towns school colors of blue and gold, reversible.  If you haven't made them, even a non sewer like me can turn  5 yards of fleece into a beautiful gift since all it requires is a good eye to line up the two pieces of fleece, a strong hand to cut the fringe strips around the border, and the patience to tie the strips to bind the blanket. DD # 2 was of little help, but she was there to ask questions and tell her big sis how much she liked the blanket and she would like one too.  She later also got a smaller one made for her as well from her sister who took the less than subtle hint.

Both blankets were thoroughly enjoyed by both grandmas. They came out for every sporting event, even the warm ones for extra seating on the grass if there were people without chairs.  They sat on the grandmas laps or bundles around their body on the colder days. In my mom's last couple years, it was harder to get her out of the house to go to the games. If the weather was just right, it was easier. One of the parks my younger daughter played softball at was near my mom's and I could easily push her to the game in her wheelchair, so we didn't have to worry about how close we could park, or making sure there were two adults to help get her dropped off, and then park the car.  My dad was starting to have stability issues himself. She would bring her blanket with her, riding on her lap, as I pushed her to the spectator section.  She was always so proud when she received compliments on her blanket from other grandparents to say, "My granddaughter made it for me."

After mom passed, the blanket sat on a ottoman next to her chair.  My dad starting using my moms recliner, both for the comfort it game him, and because it was sturdier and  easier to get in and out of by himself.  He was rarely chilly, but occasionally, he would rest the blanket on his lap as she did.

After he passed, two years later, the blanket came back to my daughter, who then gave to me.  I now carry the blanket in my trunk, and on those chilly soccer game days, it comes out to be there just in case I need to keep the cold away.  This blanket is brilliant not just because of it's warmth, softness, and team spirit, but because it holds traditions and memories of my whole family.


  1. Ooh how fun to see a development. To see a followup on your blanket!
    Don't apologise.
    I hope it kept you nice and warm and you managed a snooze amongst the noise.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. No blanket for my feet. My toes are still cold.


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