Saturday, April 30, 2016

Office Lunch

Spring and really from here on out, will be crazy busy at work. We have a lean budget and staffing levels are at a keep the lights on level. Morale is good though, and wanting to keep it that way, my office mates and I have been looking for little ways to keep energies up. We just wrapped up a significant stretch of a project in my program so I decided to bring in lunch on Friday. I've mentioned my affinity for a nice warm day soft rain. It started raining Saturday night and didn't stop until Thursday. Even us ducks get sick of that much rain. Plus, the temps have been cold 30"s and 40"s, making the wet just get into your bones. Friday the sun broke through, and it was gorgeous.  What better lunch than a bright salad. 

Nothing for my salad was bought on sale, except perhaps the chicken, so when I share prices, these are pretty accurate every days costs at my local grocery store. Had a I planned ahead and bought things at Aldi's or on sale, I probably would have spent 20% less. Eight people ate a substantial salad. Even factoring a $6,99 lunch special salad at our local Old Chicago, it would have been $56.00, not counting tax and tip for our crew to go out for lunch. It took less than 30 minutes for my shopping and prep at home as I already had the chicken cooked and in two pound portions in the freezer. Everything was kept separate and we made up our own salads in the amounts of what we each wanted. 

$4.99     tub of baby spinach greens
$2.00     1 pound tub strawberries
$3.34     2 pounds sliced chicken breast
$1.99     package of sunflower/pumpkin seed mix
$2.50     1 bottle raspberry vinaigrette dressing
$1,99     1 loaf crusty french bread
$2,99     1 tub of hummus
$19.80    Total

Not too shabby, and it was delicious. We have some gardeners in our group, so I think we'll be getting some really great salads going forward. Potlucks are good options in offices, but sometimes it is just nice to get treated to lunch. We can't use any agency funds for perks, but we can treat each other. I'll be in a salad kind of mood here on out. What's your favorite lunch salad? Do you have any combinations or ways of serving that have been successful with your work crew?


  1. When I first started blogging I craved restaurant eating. To just sit, not have to cook, not have to clean up, delicious food delivered to you with no work! What could be better? We ate out all the time and we could hardly stop ourselves.

    This post is great because it demonstrates exactly why I almost don't even enjoy going out to eat anymore. I LOVE that you can, without even utilizing sales, get extravagant with food and still spend considerably less than if you ate a meal at a restaurant! The savings are so VERY worth it to me now. I'll cook and clean most any day for a good meal that costs half the price of convenience.

    It sounds like you all had a terrific lunch! Well done Sam :)

    1. This only took cleaning the strawberries and slicing chicken! Soups are great as well but moving into nice weather now so changing up my options. Just think if I gardened how much more I could do?

  2. Good idea to treat each other! I eat more green salads lately. This April is like Summer over here! I just chop veggies (whatever I have - tomatoes, cukes, avocado) add onions and sometimes green leaves. I love it with Vegenaise and a slice of bread - and I am happy and satisfied. A good Greek salad is what I make for my family (Kalamata olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, cukes, greens, onion, Olive oil, balsamic vinegar). When we go to Panera Bread, I really like their version of COBB salad, with avocado. I need to learn how to make it. :)

    1. Anything goes in a spring or summer salad.I love olives and cheese with the vegetables and don't get me started with avacado!


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