Monday, April 18, 2016

Sounds on a Warm Spring Night

I've got oodles of work to finish up this week, and taking advantage of a quiet night at home as DD#2 is at play practice and DH works until after 8:00 on Mondays, to get some things done. Friday isn't my off day, but I'm going out of town with one of the birth friends to another's daughters Friday afternoon wedding. Engagement, planning,and the big church wedding in four months, hence the Friday afternoon time frame. First though, pup was in need of an extra long walk, having waited so patiently (actually barked hysterically inside the entryway) as I chatted with a retired union machinist rep running against our long term State Representative in the House for the seat in the legislature. I pity the political candidate that stops by my house and thinks he's going to make a quick courteous hand shake, talk a few sound bites and be on his way. I have a slew of issues I want to know their stance on, and I'm not afraid to ask-barking dog or not. 

We were blessed with another beautiful spring night, even better than yesterday as there is not much wind. The neighborhood is busy with a combination of folks getting home from work, kids out playing, people dog walking, and early evening yard work. I love spring in Minnesota, once the green has started. I love the sounds you overhear walking. While pup likes to stop and sniff every pole and tree around the block, I still try and keep a pretty good pace, so I hear smatterings of noise and conversations. Here's a few of my favorites from the night. 

Little brother (assuming) to older brother. "I hate you Johnny!) as he tried catching up with brother on the bike path to the playground.
Older brother (assuming) to little brother. "You know you're saying that in public don't you. Everyone can hear you."
Little brother, back at him, dropping his bike off the path, and whipping his bike helmet to the ground. "Yeah, I know its public. I hate you." On my route back, I saw both boys running around with the other kids without a care in the world. 

Raking man, presumably to his wife. "Don' t let Jax into the leaves. There's a bunch of shit at the bottom of the pile." I'm not sure if  Jax was the dog, or their kid, who came running from the back yard to the front. 

Mom to kid running out door with ball glove and bat in hand. "Is your homework done."  Nothing-no response, the kid kept running. I'm guessing the answer was no, but pretending you didn't hear the question was the right call  in my book on a perfect April night. 

I heard my neighbor helping his 15 year old, DD#2's bud, try and get the car that will be his, started. He doesn't get his license until September when he turns 16, but good to be prepared, right. When it started up after some clinking and hammering (I don't do car maintenance-what do I know), it started. He called to me, "Is M home?" I think he wanted to make sure she knew the car was in commission. He showed her the car on Saturday, sitting cold on the side of their driveway. 

My intermission is over and I have data to mine. I have the back door open. The sound track of my neighborhood is lofting my way, undecipherable from inside, but distinct in what it represents, true spring.


  1. I stop in from Vixen. I have never had candidate knock on my door, but today in mail I receive pamphlet on one who running for a county commission set. I know she won't be getting my vote.
    If you fine the stop on in for cup of coffee

    1. Door knocking is part of the game in state politics. I'm a bit of a nerd about politics-part personal interest, part professional necessity to stay informed.

  2. I find American politics confusing however being the party animals we are we were back in our hotel room in Mexico by 7 in the eve and spent a lot of time watching the presidential race on CNN lol I am now a bit more informed. When we do our RTW trip next year I'm coming to Minnesota saw it on tv the other day looks great

    1. The political process is part of my work life, so I have to be up to speed on issues, but I have the same thoughts on UK politics. Though, my understanding is based on The Politicians Wife but I am an avid BBC World NEws listener. When you plan, I suggest you either try for May (April can still be a crap shoot with weather) or late September-early OCtober, my favorite season. Summers are great, though we can get the really hot weather, but not like the southern states hot. I'd be happy to give you a local tour.

  3. Thanks for the tip Sam and I'll take you up on the tour when we get there


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