Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Golden Pond

Spring walks, a simple pleasure.  Pup and I bundled up as despite the sun, it was a frosty morning. As much as the ridiculous fool of a dog barks at things inside the house, outside on walks, he just takes all things in stride and gives the ducks nothing more than a glance. As he was so busy sniffy and digging, I couldn't get him still enough, so no pictures of him. There are two families with ducklings this year, smaller counts than other years. They have plenty of uncles hanging around as well. The pond is tiny, really just a man made ponding basin. This is not the mighty Mississippi, nor the falls near our house, or the expanse of where the large two rivers meet in the valley, but it provides a little respite from the busyness of the neighborhood. Welcome to our little pond. 


  1. It is a busy place with animals. Tons of frogs getting loud each night, rabbits, and the occasional deer.

  2. What a beautiful place to get away from it all!

  3. It does make for a nice little walk. One of the males likes to perch on rooftops and keep watch over the brood in the pond too.

  4. We're a little behind you - I took some pictures of lilacs today but the flowers were still closed up. I love getting out every day in nature - it really energizes me.

    1. Doesn't though? It seems like spring took way too long this year.


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