Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just Like Fire

It's not another post about the weather today, but I had DD2 snap this ironic photo in the car after her second soccer game. Note the song title-note the temperature! Yes folks, I live in Minnesota where hell in the summer will literally freeze over come January. 

She played two games in the heat yesterday, and while we have traveled farther for tournaments n single days, we  had a hotel room to head back to and rest right after the second game. This was supposed to be the travel tournament that the team stays over, but we intentionally picked a mid distance because it is such a busy weekend for families that they could have the choice to stay or drive back and forth.  Only four girls ended up staying and I am happy we stayed as I've been a little frazzled lately, and the drive back home, and then here today would have set my week up for exhaustion. She plays at 11:00, and if they win, they play again at 5:00, a whole afternoon to kill. Of course I want the team to play well, but are we bad parents because most were thinking, and a few said out loud, that it wouldn't be a bad thing if they lose?  The girls want to win-this team always plays tournaments much better than the regular season. 

Three anecdotes. One, as the team manager, I sent all the tournament details in a link to the tournament as a whole, and I direct link to their bracket with the field directions, times, and other need to know information. I previously had a place holder before we knew times of 24 hours on both Saturday and Sunday-12:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. Of course one family didn't bother to look at the e-mails with the tournament bracket, didn't check before the day, and showed up for the 11:00 game at 12:00 noon, becasue they went to the original date hold, which said 12:00 a.m. not p.m. anyway! (the other 14 players were well on time.) Another went to the check in address-not the field, but arrived before game. I feel sorry they did not pay better attention, but frustrated that both seemed to think it was my error in giving them wrong info. Arrgh! Not worth arguing, I just said, "sorry for your confusion."

Two, I will be sporting large quantities of aloe today, and carrying around a golf umbrella to keep that sun off me. I have nice pink arms and legs today-not attractive on someone who is still 56 pounds from getting back in her normal weight range. The third anecdote reminds me of the scene from  One Fine Day, where Michelle Pfeifer's son squirts grape juice on her blouse, and she magically pulls out one of her 6 year old's t-shirts from her bag, and wears a cute little dino t-shirt under her executive suit vest and jacket the rest of the day. She looks cute and perky. In my getting out the door, I forgot to throw a night t-shirt in my bag yesterday morning. DD had a few extra's and I maneuvered my arms and head into one size small shirt. My chest looked like I had inserted an inner tube inside the shirt, but at least it was clean and fresh for after my shower. It's one of her hand me downs, so if I ruined it, so be it. 

Have a great Sunday, and I'll be back in the week with news from the soccer field, and  a few recipes I have up my sleeve. Strawberries and rhubarb are coming! I'll leave you with this trailer and you can see the t-shirt peaking out from the suit staring at 1:15. Michelle Pfeifer I am not, but I do love that actress and this movie. Hard for me to believe it is twenty years old, and it reminds me of my older two's childhood. I wasn't mistaken for Michelle Pfeifer back then either, but my boobs were a little more perky. 


  1. You and McVal do more than 5 families do in a weekend. Are you two related?
    I hope they win even if they aren't in the mood to stick around.
    And Hell woman if you got the shirt on I would call it a win!!!

    1. It's a whirlwind at times. No win so we headed home. The shirt is now deformed.


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