Saturday, July 2, 2016

Going to Get My Colors Done

What normally would be a few days at the lake are going to be a home focused weekend for me. I'm taking advantage of the three days weekend with Monday off to try ad do some major decluttering, and if I can get what I want done today and Sunday, Monday I am going to try and spruce up the bathroom. Nothing major, though it needs it, but new paint, complete purge of cabinets, and fixing some yucky spots around the sink and shower that need attention. A few weeks back I found a couple hand towels on clearance at target and found some ceramic bath sets in the cupboard to give the bath a fresh new look, if not an overhaul. Bye, by white dingy walls; I refuse to paint it without some color, even if that is only a little blue and gray. I may drive up to the lake later morning for a few hours as DD2 is there, but then head back home and keep on puttering tonight. DH is going after work and staying over as there is more prep for the new cabin. 

feel a bit of guilt not helping more, but with my knees and other health spots, I know I need to pace what I can do, and my own home needs my focus. I didn't decide the timing on things, and it just isn't going to work for me to help there, and be able to get what I need here done. Plus, after a stressful week, the amount of people, and who the people are, would keep me on anxiety watch. There's also an issue between the shared cabin, that I am best to stay clear of. 

My sister has an annual gathering for the 4th, but is doing on Sunday so I may stop over there for a burger and a beer, but otherwise, I'm a homebody. I have lot's of provisions, but do need a Diet Coke supply. I bought a couple Brew Pub Lottza Mozzarella pizza's. That was dinner last night, but these are not ordinary frozen pizza's. Completely delicious-better than many pizza restaurants.  There are expensive at $10.99, but I had a buy one get one, plus a $1.00 coupon, so for $10, easily four people fed to stuffed. We were only three, but there is more than 1/2 left of one, and leftover pizza is the best. There's still food from last weekend, and snacks abound. 

While not the typical American 4th of July, it sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. First, I'm off to have coffee on the deck, and plan my course of action. Enjoy your weekend, whatever that might be. 

Pop over to Sluggy's site where she has her July Give Away. She has some pretty fantastic shops this week as well to talk about. 

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