Friday, November 4, 2016

Frugal Friday Band Wagon

Friday is a good day to reflect on the wins and losses.  I see many bloggers keeping their short and long term frugal goals front and center by doing various of this weekly ritual.  I had some good wage extender wins and some budget blips. Here are my top five of both.

Wage Extender Wins
 1. Making new meals from leftovers including the rice crust quiche and homemade muffins and a soft apples
2. Packed leftovers for lunch every day this week for work, including eating leftovers from home today
3. Used $0.24 per gallon savings, filling my tank (on fumes) for $26.83
4. "Outfitted" two summer dresses into fall clothes by adding leggings and a sweater with boots, to give me essentially two more rotations of my minimalist wardrobe for free.  
5. Enjoyed a free concert by a University orchestra.

Budget Blips
1. Besides the transmission, under warranty, we put new tires and brakes on the car as long as it was in the shop, for a grand total of $760. While we budget in a bank account for car maintenance, this drained that fund for 2016.
2. Got coffee and English muffin sandwich two mornings after dropping DD off- I was working from home before going to work and didn't pay attention to the clock, and had to get out the door fast and had to have coffee! My travel mugs were left in the car at the shop, so didn't have a portable way to bring home brewed.
3. Splurged on craft beer as opposed to usually having just the cheaper beer on tap, and a massive pretzel and cheese dip after volleyball. This isn't that bad though as four of us nibbled on it, but I ordered so had the server put on my bill. We all take turns picking up the snackie items, if we decide to nibble, so my turn. I spent a whopping $25, twice my weekly after volleyball budget.
4. Spent $16 on a wreath and $25 on pop corn from my Boy Scout nephews. The wreath isn't really a blip as factored into my Christmas budget, but the popcorn is overpriced and not that tasty, but my nephew was so darn cute in his sales pitch of course I had to order. 
5. Bought a full price  whole chicken, when I know it will go on sale. This is for tomorrows blog post, so I'm OK with it, but it hurt a bit when I know I can do so much better in price. 

Action plan for the week
1. Continue to bring packed lunch
2. Get my coffee mugs back and prepare the maker the night before, and make a batch of muffins, wrap and freeze.
3. Unless a cute faced relative, pass on buying more fundraising stuff. I've finally turned down the neighborhood kids selling discount cards and wrapping paper. I don't sell stuff to my neighbors so I shouldn't feel guilty saying no when I have my own child's expenses to cover. 
4. Review closet and get clothes ready for the week, reassuring myself I have an ample wardrobe and do not need new anything. 
5. Rein in my spending on Sisters weekend to just  lunch, supper and some cider at the winery/cidery, since I have plenty of wine already. Bring the remaining beer in my fridge for poker instead of buying more. Resist the kitchen stores!

How are your plans going on the savings front? What strategies work for you, particulalry when out with friends and family?


  1. I like the idea of posting budget blips. It's a good way to concentrate the mind! It also helps the rest of us concentrate our minds (well, it does me!),

    1. That's my hope and plug some money holes by changing actions proactively if I start seeing weaknesses.

  2. You are doing great! I love thinking about how the week went. It helps remind me to stay on track. ;-)

    1. It helps decide in retrospect what to change and what to just accept and try saving in another area. For example car maintenance required but I can boost has savings by making sure to use discounts.


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