Sunday, December 11, 2016

Recipe's of Treats Galore!

I had a wonderful night at White Christmas Friday night with my sister. We treated each other to a glass of wine before the show, and then again at intermission.  Even with free tickets, it was only a semi frugal evening. as a round of wine was $18, and then we stopped after for a little bite. That was frugal, going to Applebee's for 1/2 price appetizers. I knew I would want to take an ibuprofen before bed so just had some ice water to rehydrate myself. I treated my sister as she  drove and paid for parking. It was gorgeous in the park across from the Ordway. I wish I could have moved the cars, but I didn't want to run across the street, so they made their way in my picture.

I was going to label this Christmas treats but the in reviewing my selection of goodies, not a one is specifically Christmassy themed, with the exception that I bought red and green M&M's for the cookies. I just happen to make this lot this time of year. Some of these recipes are not mine so I'll link to the published original when I could find it. I make by memory now, so had to do some digging.  A couple notes though. If any reference chocolate candy coating I use semi-sweet chocolate chips or white chocolate chips, melted with a touch of shortening. I do not like the taste of the candy coating even though it would be much more economical to do so, but I feel it is a why bother situation to make an inferior treat when it's not a regular occurrence. I'm still in process so the picture below is just a glimpse. I'll continue into Sunday.

Recipe's and Links

Oreo Cookie Truffles  I often reserve a little of the Oreo dust for the top instead of drizzling white chocolate. I learned Oreo's are actually vegan, so if you find a cream cheese substitute and don't use milk chocolate, these could be vegan.

Nutter butter Cookie Truffles  Basically the same as above using Nutter Butter cookies instead.  Here's a trick though, if you live in the US, Target's Archer Farms or now Market Pantry PB sandwich cookies are at least a dollar cheaper, plus the right size (Nutter butter is a smaller package so you need to buy two to get the right amount), and the taste is every bit as good. I don't know if other generic or store brand cookies would be as good, but I switched to the Target brand.

 Mounds Bar Candy There are dozens of versions and clicking around gets a person a bit dizzy. I keep it simple.
1 can Sweetened condensed milk
14 oz bag sweetened flake coconut
1 pound powdered sugar
Stir and mix it all together into a think paste. chill for an hour. this next step can vary. Either form into balls, and set on wax paper in the refrigerator to get cold, or form a couple flattened logs, 3/4 inch thick by about 1/ 1/2 to 2 inches wide. these will then be cut to make little Mounds bars, like the packaged version. chill the logs. 
Once chilled, melt 1/2 bag at a time of semi sweet chocolate chips, with a tsp or so of shortening to help with silkiness. If balls, dip each ball in chocolate to coat, then put on a cookie sheet with wax paper to set. for logs, slice the size/shape you want, then dip in the chocolate, putting on the wax paper to set.  I put the tray back in the refrigerator (or I start using my cold porch) until really set before storing in air tight containers. Variation-use milk chocolate chips and press a whole almond into the candy before coating for Almond Joy candy.

Chex Mix There's so many variations of Chex Mix, I'll just link to the main site. the wheat ones are not even sold it seems, so the mixes can be gluten free if you care careful what you select.  I make the ranch version, which this will send you to.  For gluten free, use only Rice Chex. For dairy free, skip any that use cheese.  I found oyster crackers, pretzels, and cheese crackers on sale, so that is what went in mine. Use what you like and what is cheap! 

Muddy Buddies As you only need 1/2 a box of each cereal, why not maximize the use and make the chocolatey peanut version.  I originally made this with Crispix cereal and called it puppy chow, because that was what my original recipe said it was. either way, but it is a family favorite.

Microwave Caramel Popcorn  I first made this 30 years ago with my four year old preschool class as part of their take home gifts for their parents and grand parents. Funny, no Internet back then, but this is the exact recipe I used! It can also be used to form into caramel popcorn balls.

These are very easy recipe's to make with kids. As they involve the microwave, and hot sugar can create horrible burns, you'll of course want to make sure an adult is overseeing and helping. The real difficulty is not over eating and making sure they last as gifts and for my parties.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipes with us! I need to get my rear in gear and start some Christmas cooking

  2. I have 11 recipes already sitting here for cookies as well as my drunken fudge recipe that most probably won't get made this year b/c of current circumstances. sigh.
    So I will live vicariously by looking at my blogger friends treats that they have made this holiday season. ;-)


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