Sunday, January 29, 2017

Did I Make the Most of the Weekend?

Sunday night, and the weekend is over in what feels like a blink. Having a medical day has caused me to be woefully further behind at work, but I refuse to start that practice again of unpaid weekend work, yet it occupied part of my brain. I earn my benefits, in fact took a pay cut to get them, so should not feel guilty and like I neglected work for taking care of me, yet somehow I do a bit. I'm a recovering workaholic.

Did I make the most of my days off work? Health wise, yes, preventative and remedial. Socially? Not a bit. I ended up driving kids both ways (after 24 hour driving ban was up), a scheduling mix up at the first bowling alley sent us 30 miles in the opposite direction to one that had enough lanes. I had a lot of car seat time.

I  found a cute coffee shop, and over consumed fiscally and orally,
 caffeine and sugar. I don't know if it is a working fireplace, but there wasn't a fire going. I'd like ot think it is.  My fireplace is still not fixed, nor has the technician been rescheduled as DH wasn't available last Thursday. 

A music jam of older, quite good, musicians, was happening in a corner playing and singing a mix of country and bluegrass. Some older ladies at a table joined in, quite loudly and out of tune, for the chorus on one of the songs. It was quaint, and made me and the young guy at a table by me smile. Nothing is better than seeing people genuinely enjoying an experience. I posted a check in status and review on Facebook. Apparently the coffee shop is a little gem that a few of my friends and acquaintances know about. I received several messages to join me (but they closed at 5:00) or meet up there in the future. Not quite a day trip, but it was a new experience.

Today was the mundane splices of life. Meals, laundry, and cleaning fit in after and between church and a trip to the library. We are without a printer and DD2 needs a copy of her passport for a meeting Tuesday on her trip so paid 15 cents to use libraries. The NHL All Star Game weekend has been on in the back ground all day.  A couple Minnesota Wild made the team, the goalie and one of the wings, so kind of fun to see if they do well, but we didn't really watch intently. We ended up eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast, too good to wait I guess, so just had veggies and dressing with the pasta salad. We were all pretty hungry by the time we had the meat loaf supper. I'll go through ads yet and make a shopping list but will go tomorrow or Tuesday  though need to stop on way home for milk, fruit, bread, and hamburger buns to have Sloppy Joe's with hash browns tomorrow. DH bought and installed a new garbage disposal, but we still have the slow drain that is clogged way up the line, so need an expert. I said February would be expensive.

I picked up a movie at the library, the newish Startrek with Benedict Cumberbatch, and I'll pop some corn in a bit and settle in. Well, that was rather a quite a dull update on my weekend-I'm yawning typing it out. Who's to say what "the most" is for a weekend. I rested; I worked; I watched; I read; I played. Can't ask for more than that. Tell me about yours. Any grand adventures?


  1. I spent the weekend nursing a sore back after a misguided attempt Friday to walk the unwalkable dog of my daughter. lolz
    Sunday I went out for a newspaper at Rite-Aid and to pillage but their Plenti system was down so I would have had to SPEND MONEY! The horror....
    A little tv tonight, Victoria and the series on Henry VIII's wives. This drove me to do a bit of genealogy work on my royal English lines and now my head hurts. Time to pop a muscle relaxer and bed.

    1. I saw those shows advertised. Hubs had football on and I ended up falling asleep before movie. Sorry about your back. My little but is a danger to walk, so can't imagine a big one anymore on ice.

  2. Nothing too exciting around here this past weekend. Took Rebecca to her basketball game on Saturday and cleaned a little bit. On Sunday we spent most of the day at Jacob's end of the season wrestling tournament, then home. I didn't do a single thing productive wise on Sunday. I made the kids spaghettios from a can for dinner and I just vegged the rest of the day. I felt guilty but my dear hubby told me not to feel guilty because it has been a very stressful month and I needed a day to decompress.

    1. Oh hon, never feel guilty about canned spaghetti days. I've had canned spaghetti months and my kids still thrived. I will be happy to kiss January good bye-that's my excuse for less ambition.


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