Friday, January 27, 2017

Resource for International Recipe Sharing

There's some wonderful cooks out there and I  love a good home tested recipe. I'm  particularly fond of the hominess of the meals and cakes so many of our UK friends across the pond share, so many vegetarian options. I get confused often and am sure have been woefully off on ingredient measures. Here's a site I stumbled on that has taken the guess work out of converting the measurements. Lisa has a terrific tool of a UK to US Converter at her site Sweet 2 Eat. Now not only can I gaze at her lovely treats, I can take a proper go at making them as well. Happy international kitchens.


  1. I have an online conversion site in my phone favourites to make recipe translation simple, there have been occasions where guesswork has gone wrong here too!

  2. GOOD to know!! THanks!
    I've got so many Irish cookbooks that deal with measurements that I have no idea if I've got it right or now... Plus a bread towel hung up on my wall with recipes for brown bread on it. I love that stuff but it never turns out right. Now I know...

  3. Haven't done any baking for a while. Does look good.
    Coffee is on

  4. I've seen a few different magnets and wall hangings with the conversions on them too. I should really just buckle down a magnet one of these days. It'd really come in handy to just have hanging on the fridge.


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