Saturday, February 18, 2017

Some Weekends are Appreciated More than Others

It's a three day weekend, and I am thankful for that. Unfortunately, I picked up the cold part of DD2's illness, and so did DH. Last night was spent nursing my cold, and I went to bed early, not that it mattered, and was not productive. Neither of us got much rest last night, but he schlept into work, and I have a major to do list. First off was stripping DD2's bed, then the spare room bed, which she took over as well, and finally our bed. The whole house needs a top to bottom deep clean, but it may take all weekend as I'm feeling slow. 

I swung into Aldis's on the way home yesterday, and loaded up on  things I could make stretch.  A three pound frozen pack of hamburger at $6.99 will be cooked up this morning for Sloppy Joe's, taco meat, chili, and a portion for rice hot dish. Easily with leftovers, I should get eight meals out of the package, and very little prep. Rice hot dish is pure comfort food, and a favorite from childhood that my kids equally like. DH finds it just kind of meh, but he'll eat it. I still have a healthy supply of onions, carrots, and potatoes, bought celery, so a big batch of soup is in order. That will help our colds, and we will have ready meals for the next few days compared to the pickings our meals were this past week.Getting control back of my kitchen makes me feel more in control of my life.

DD has cabin fever, following her days of real fever. I was happy to take her temp when I got home and see not a smidge of fever left, and she hadn't had any Tylenol since Thursday night. She still has her barky cough though. She wants to go for a drive today. I think we both  need some fresh air, so I'll have her drive the car she will use down town and we can get a walk in by the river. She is scheduled to take her drivers test next Monday, so needs to feel prepared. 

It was a long week, and I am very happy it is Saturday. I don't think anything exciting is on our plates, but getting the family back to normal will be weekend reward enough. Maybe I'll bring the camera along and see what I can snap on this not yet spring, but warm and sunny day. What's on your schedule?


  1. I hope every one feels better and hope the time in some sunshine makes you feel less ill. I do not envy your decontamination day washing laundry, but have had to do just that many times over the years.

  2. I hop everyone's feeling 100% better very soon! xxx

  3. It sucks that you and your hubby got sick but glad your daughter is on the mend. Clean bedding after illness is such a relief. Don't worry about the rest of the cleaning, it will be there when you feel better

  4. thanks for the comments everyone. I finally posted an updated and hope we are all well by this coming weekend.


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