Friday, March 10, 2017

February Wrap Up

The piggy bank is back. February was a tough month financially with doctors visits and $85 co-pays, prescriptions, and three show choir weekends. Add to that, generally being run down and being budget consciousness was thrown out the window in efforts to bring comfort to us all. We now have an additional car to insure. Three funerals for flowers and memorials was sad icing on the financial cake. I added nothing to the December fun money budget, and I didn't add anything to the "found money" canister. I don't think there were any Perks to Cash, my plan for treating gift cards, and extra perks the same as cash. In spite of that, we still put some funds away. I don't ever want to forget that in my tight times, I'm better off than most.Still, budget plans and lackluster progress towards a financial goal is humbling, but also continued inspiration to spend wisely and within our values.

February Wrap Up

Annual Savings Goal          $40,417
January Deposits                $ 2,200
February Deposits               $1,283
Perks to Cash                     $      32 
Savings Goal Balance          $36,902

December Fun Money        $     480
January set aside               $       70 
February Set Aside             $         0
Savings Goal Balance         $     410

Any month that is not having us tap into savings and putting some aside is good. DH had one low, one moderate check and mine are always the same. March though, with some planning, should be an opportunity to infuse the savings. Three paychecks for me, and, I was very late putting in some medical reimbursement for 2016, so after giving DD1 back some of her out of pocket money, we should have another $500 approximate to put in savings. I keep saying I need to figure out how to bring more cash in, perhaps through selling things we no longer use or love, but haven't put the plans into action. There's me keeping it real, keeping me honest. 


  1. We are trying to create some alternate streams of income so they will be established once TheHub retires. Life is interesting and some months do hit harder than others.
    We made a choice to drop some things which we no longer get any real enjoyment from but had continued with just because it was what we normally did. Woo hoo! An automatic 7,500 a year "raise".

    1. $7,500 for just shifting from the same old mind set is an incredible lift financially.Our big lift will come in 6 years when we hopefully make the final tuition payment for daughter, and her current expenses are a thing of the past. Then, just 2-3 years, fingers crossed, of additional work years, and we will need that alternative income stream.

  2. Perhaps you need to give yourself a break - you didn't have time to bring in extra money! Perhaps right now just figuring out what 1 single item that would bring in the biggest amount of money is key. Then when you have time list it :)

    1. Oh, I'm not down, just reporting. I think the city wide garage sale might be my opportunity (1st weekend in May)might be a good place to get rid of lot's of little things that cumulatively can bring in some money, but individually,not worth listing. I must have a few bigger ticket items, so want to use the local Facebook sale site for that.


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