Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Better Sound than Laughing Babies

My nephew, well all my nephews, are fantastic fathers. Being second to the youngest of 10 children, I was in elementary or  my teenage years when most of these guys were born, so truly saw them grow from "pain in the ass" little boys that liked to torment their aunts when they went to visit grandma, to young adults. And now, most are fathers of young children, a few  raising teenagers themselves. My son and two of his male cousins on my side of the family are the only ones not yet parents, but I suspect when the time comes, they too will be generous with their love, and devoted to creating a good life for their off spring. Just one nephew, who himself had little role modeling by his abusive and alcoholic dad, has struggled, and is not a part of his children's life. It makes me sad, but all the support offered didn't change how his life has moved. My nieces with children have picked great partners as well, one who took on the role of dad, voluntarily, regardless of not being her biological dad, is so in every important way.

I love seeing the photo's my nephews post on Facebook, and little video snippets. My nephew J once posted the most adorable  video of his third child as a baby, wearing a Santa hat, and being made to laugh by his then 8 year old son, who had her laughing so hard, that she tipped over.

There is an ad campaign to encourage father involvement with their children. At, there are several clips that just make you smile, and remind us all that as much as mom's need support, our young men need encouragement and support as well. The first clip, reminded me of my nephew's video. The laughter is just contagious. The second one, just makes me smile. Take a look at some of the looks baby gives dad-complete love and adoration. Here's to wishing that all children, regardless of their parents circumstances, have parents that actively engage with them, and are doing their best to raise healthy and happy children. 


  1. I can't hear babies laugh and not laugh myself. Thanks for the Sunday morning laughs :p

    1. I embarrass my kids when I make googly eyes and try and get baby smiles from strangers. The laugh is so pure.

  2. Good for them! What fortunate children they have.

  3. I love baby laughs! They think so many things are funny over and over again!


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