Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Affirmative Tuesday

To combat my Tuesday blues, I reflect on the positive and inspiring things in my life and people, events, and wonders around me. In no particular order, here goes.

1. I love a good spring rain to clean up the remnants of winter. We had a doozy Sunday afternoon, and I took a nice long nap in the middle of the afternoon, hearing the rain and occasional bouts of thunder.

2. Friends we hadn't seen in months called out of the blue and DH and I were able to meet up with them for a few hours. DH's friend since a teen, has been having a medical issue and was a long wait list for the Mayo clinic. He ended up getting seen a month ahead of when he was told, and seems to be now on a course  of the right treatment.

3. I did officially apply for the position in another agency, just in case things change greatly with my job. Since the position, and those hiring work so closely, I felt I should give my boss the head sup in the event she i part of any hiring. She was overwhelmingly supportive of me, though expressed repeatedly, she did not want to lose me, and how could she make things better. Her boss as well stopped by with the same message. I was very clear with both it was more a defensive application in case of potential changes. however, I did take advantage of having both their ears to talk about some of the frustration the stagnation on decision making and the lack sometimes of cohesiveness that is challenging. again, both stated they had nothing but respect and appreciation for me and my work, knowing they hired me away form a much higher position, and that they could utilize my skills and expertise better. I probably did all things wrong when you are considering career options, but for my situation, transparency was the right course.

4. I'm overwhelmed with getting my office put back together. Some calming words of advice from blog readers, mellowed my anxiety. I looked at calendars and believe the entire last week of April can be dedicated to making this happen. 

5. My allergies are in full force right now. While I have sneezing fits, and persistent watery eyes, it means spring might really be here!

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