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I love books and I love a good movie binge! Welcome to my virtual book and movie club. You are cordially invited to join in.  All you need to do is leave a comment with your recommendation. Include the title, the author if a book, and a brief synopsis, and why you recommend it. I'll add your recommendation and your synopsis on this page.  Periodically as I view or read a recommendation, I'll throw out some thoughts and questions and we'll see where this might go.  

Here's an assortment of movies I watched recently.-August 2017

Movie Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Truly Weird 

To get the party started, here is my favorite summer read.

Jane Green's The Beach House I love 65 year old Nan's eclectic group of house guests and new friends she meets. A shock from her past sends the whole household, and Nantucket Island, into uncovered secrets and lies, and new beginnings. I love a book that I can visualize and understand where the writer is going with her characters. This was truly mind candy, but see if you don't see yourself, your friends, and your family in any of Nan's group.

One of my favorite movies, The Magic of Ordinary Days, was the inspiration of this post. Days to Make History

Recommendations from across the globe

Anne at New Happenings at the Table recommends The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
The book follows a group of campers who meet at a Fine Arts summer camp in the 70's and follows them throughout their lives. We get an inside peek at the ebb and flow of interpersonal relationships as they grow both together and apart while they live their lives. I personally have added this to my summer read list-now to track down a copy!.

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  1. We just watched The Arrival with Amy Adams. It came out last year, but we waited to get it from Netflix. Very interesting movie about how do we communicate with aliens and also about time, is it the same for all.


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