Monday, April 17, 2017

Expensive Week And I'm OK With That

The last week will not go down as frugal, but I have no regrets. My family  has been blessed with good health, family and friends, and jobs that pay the bills and then some.While I tried not to squander money, I made intentional choices for my money and a few deliberate splurges. For my friend and my friends daughter, there are Go Fund Me pages. I made contribution to both. I don't live near enough to either to be part of a Meal Train, and besides, meals were already taken care of with sign ups through May. Same for my nieces family, but I dropped off two bags of paper and household goods. None of these were part of my budget or spending plan heading into April, but irrelevant in the scope of things. 

We made contributions towards the show choir directors and team mom's gifts. Again, worth every penny and probably not enough to say thank you to all three. DD2 informed me that we hadn't purchased her school year book. Ouch! That was a pricey purchase at $85. However, hopefully in years to come she will be happy to have a total recap of her school days. Though, I doubt either of my older kids have really looked at theirs since. However, it isn't the recent memories, but the ones decades later that they might want to later look back on. 

Meals out in the last eight days included drinks and apps with our friends last Saturday, DH taking his mom out for breakfast one morning, lunch out on Thursday-just DH and me, DD2 Chipotle on an early release day before play practice, and my coffee date with myself Thursday afternoon. Time with my girls was precious, and we did a little shopping damage. I took both girls out Friday night for supper, and lunch Saturday before heading home. I bought DD1 a few groceries and splurged $9 for three gourmet cupcakes at a cute little independent cake maker in my daughters town. I bought DD2 a new dress and sweater set for her banquet next weekend and to wear to her cousin's wedding plus a new pair of Asic shoes and a hoody, but these were nearly 70% off original price through my daughters company. I spent $41 on fruit for Easter.

Some weeks are just like that with more expenses for showers, weddings, DD2's play, and Mother's Day to come. Life can't always include saving money-the last week was about family and friends. There were some moments that cost us little or nothing, where we saved in the week. We hit a couple thrift stores and I was able to get two shirts for $7.00, the basic black I was looking for in different styles. We capped off Easter with a free walk along the river, wearing a happy pup out in the process. There's a ton of leftover fruit for lunches, snacking or smoothies. I'll reign in my spending on things that just don't matter, but I don't regret these costs a bit.


  1. I like that you are not beating yourself up for an out of the ordinary expensive week. They just happen sometimes!

  2. In the end it evens out. You are frugal with your money 99% of the time and it just happened that things happened. Sometimes we need a week like that; that is when we look at how blessed we are to be able to offer help when it is needed and to take a moment to splurge a little knowing that it won't bust the overall budget. I say good for you!


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